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How Can You Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages For Marketing?

Send Bulk WhatsApp Message: WhatsApp Bulk SMS is the first choice of businesses nowadays, as it is helping businesses to connect with their large customer base.

WhatsApp is the choice of almost all users. As it is a more convenient and more reliable messaging tool and has a large user base. To grow your business, raise the sale of your brand, and connect with users this all becomes convenient with the help of Send Bulk WhatsApp messages.

About 53% of people among WhatsApp users like to buy from companies that can reach them via chats. It is an easy way for consumers to go through the product on their screens. Also, WhatsApp is free for everyone whether he/she is a national user or an international user.

But the question is how can you send Bulk WhatsApp messages?

At the end of this article, you can know about the send Bulk WhatsApp messages.

What Are Bulk WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp is used to send and receive messages or to communicate with each other. Sharing texts, media, and pdfs is very easy for WhatsApp users.

For the promotion of a brand or a product, sharing is found to be an important tool but small and large businesses need to share the same information not only with one or two people but with hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously Bulk WhatsApp messages are used.

In India there are 340 million WhatsApp users and using this app for marketing is a beneficiary approach to marketing.

73% of people are more comfortable using the app than sending messaging through email and other marketing channels.

The process of sending messages to the broadcast list to promote the brand and send offers and notifications is known as Bulk WhatsApp messaging service.

How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages:

To send messages to several people simultaneously, Bulk WhatsApp messages are used. To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages you can use one of the following methods:

1. WhatsApp Group:

You can Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages by creating a WhatsApp group in the WhatsApp app or WhatsApp business app. After creating the WhatsApp group add all the recipients to the group and send you messages.

2. Broadcast list:

You can also Send Bulk WhatsApp messages by creating a broadcast list

To create a broadcast list you have to follow the following steps:

A: Open the WhatsApp app

B: Go to the menu

C: New broadcast list

Now add all the recipients to the list and Send Bulk WhatsApp messages to the list. With the help of the WhatsApp Business app, you can send messages to the 256 participants in one go.

3. Bulk WhatsApp message service provider:

Another and most useful method to Send Bulk WhatsApp messages is by using a third-party app. Numerous Bulk WhatsApp service providers help you to Send Bulk SMS services and raise your connection with your clients. 

For example GetitEMS.

Above mentioned methods are used to Send Bulk WhatsApp messages without an external service provider via API. 

With the API you need a bulk WhatsApp message service provider such as GetitSMS to send Bulk WhatsApp messages. To send bulk WhatsApp messages with API you only have to choose a bulk WhatsApp message service provider, create the list of your contacts to whom you want to send the message, compose it and then send it. 

Although this function may act differently depending upon the service provider connected to the API. and to send bulk WhatsApp messages your business requires the API approval and this is not used for personal use. And to get the approval you have to apply for WhatsApp’s official API for this you require a professional WhatsApp phone number, business display number, and a verified Facebook business manager id.

If you are choosing the Bulk WhatsApp messages services, keep in mind that you risk getting your phone number blocked, and becoming considered spam. WhatsApp can restrict a user’s phone after receiving a complaint, causing you to lose the official business contact.


Bulk WhatsApp messages are the priority marketing channel for the majority of businesses. Among all the users also, it is found to be a beloved marketing channel as they can easily access the brand for purchasing and can know about the offers and discounts easily. If you want to send Bulk WhatsApp messages without a third party via API then you can do it your own through the steps mentioned in this article but to send Bulk WhatsApp messages with the use of API (Application Programming Interface) you have to ask to the third-party app or the Bulk WhatsApp message providers. 

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