How outsourcing IT can boost your business growth

Outsourcing is something that has been occurring since the 1970s. In those days, it was more processes than it was information technology operations. In today’s business world, IT outsourcing Toronto is practically a necessity.

While this may be true, outsourcing also introduces a more complex business and delivery model. There are real security and privacy concerns, less visibility, reduced control over the IT infrastructure. While there are decided advantages to outsourcing, there are also some drawbacks. It is important to take into consideration all sides before choosing to outsource.

What is IT Outsourcing Toronto?

Outsourcing is using an external service provider to deliver information technology solutions. This can allow existing staff to be reassigned to other areas of the company to focus on core business values rather than information technology needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing

There are dozens of benefits to outsourcing information technology including:

  • Scalability
  • Robust Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Great Knowledge and Expertise
  • Lowered Costs
  • Realign Staff Focus


It is important in today’s digital world to be able to adapt to changing situations quickly. Companies that cannot change quickly soon find themselves out of business. In the past when companies required faster servers, upgraded firewalls, or more storage, they had to invest capital in those things. With outsourcing, those costs are absorbed less by the service provider.

This allows companies the ability to quickly change to their needs. When more storage space is needed, the service provider simply allocates additional space. This space is leased which means it is at a much lower cost than outright purchasing additional space. The same goes for the need to purchase a new, faster server. The service provider maintains and upgrades all servers to the latest hardware.

Robust Disaster Recovery Plans

For most companies, coming up with a data backup and disaster recovery plan falls way down the list. In many cases, it is simply not considered a priority. This is a big mistake. Data backups are necessary so businesses can maintain daily business operations. If companies only have onsite backups and when their system goes down or the building is hit with a natural disaster or accident, they lose their data and ability to function as a company. However, if the company uses a disaster recovery plan with off-site backup, they can be back up and running quicker with full data restoration services.

Great Knowledge and Expertise

When companies rely on in-house information technology, they bear the brunt of all the cost. They have to hire staff and then train them. They also must send staff to trainings and bear the cost of latest certification so that their knowledge and expertise remains up to date. This can be quite expensive.

With managed IT services Toronto are outsourced, it is the responsibility of the service provider to maintain their staffs’ certifications. They are the ones who provide the best trained staff with the latest certifications. This saves a great deal of money.

Lowered Costs

Between leasing computer hardware for both servers, storage, and backups, it saves the company money. Rather than purchasing computer hardware, which can be quite expensive to try and stay ahead of the technology curve, your company can lease those things for a much lower rate.

In the past, when hardware failed, it was the company’s responsibility. Now, however, with managed IT support Toronto, the expense of replacing computer hardware falls into the hands of the service provider. Hence, if a server crashes, hard drive fails, or additional storage space is needed, the provider pays for it all no matter what.

In many instances, some companies have saved as much as 80% on their information technology costs by outsourcing them. It is important to realize that companies need not outsource every single aspect of information technology. They could start by simply outsourcing their email management and expand from there.

Realign Staff Focus

While many companies might be reluctant to outsource certain aspects of their business, it can benefit them in many different ways. While lowered cost is certainly one of them so is staff realignment.

By outsourcing information technology services, companies can make staff focus better on their core values. Rather than allocating staff to take care of the computer system, they can be reassigned to other important duties that may have been overlooked or under peformed because of having to deal with computer technology issues.

Improved Agility

When companies outsource their information technology needs to service providers, it allows them to be more adaptable. They can respond to needs more quickly and ascertain the future technology needs and plan. This allows seamless integration of new equipment and upgraded installations to occur in quick fashion. This can be invaluable knowing sometimes opportunities are won or lost in the matter of a few hours.

Service providers can add or subtract storage space as needed and upgrade server speed or bandwidth as well quickly and easily.


Cloud computing is still in its infancy, less than two decades old. However, it has taken the information technology world by storm, infiltrating industries of all kinds. Managed cloud hosting services and managed IT are becoming the mainstay in today’s markets. They meet all information technology needs any company might have. This saves money and makes companies more successful. Let Pathway Communications be your managed cloud services technology partner. Reach out to us today for more information.