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Do you want Canada Visa For united kingdom Passport Holders ?

Canada and the UK have a strong, historical relationship as well as a shared language and similar culture, which might be why Canada attracts over 650,000 holidaymakers from the UK each year. However, since March 2016, UK citizens can no longer travel freely to Canada without a visa. Fortunately, it’s easy to obtain a CANADA VISA FOR UK CITIZENS that remains valid for years, and this article will detail the process. For more details on the process and application of this type of visa, you can continue reading this article which will show you the necessary information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do UK Passport Holders Need a Visa to Go to Canada?

UK passport holders must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before traveling to Canada. If you want to know more about it, click here.

What is an Electronic Travel Authorization?

From March 15, 2016, those citizens who want to fly or transit Canada will have to apply for an ETA. Take into consideration that people from the US and voyagers with a valid visa granted by the Canadian Embassy can’t obtain this ETA.

How Long can UK citizens stay in Canada?

With an ETA, the maximum stay is 180 days Per Entry with Multiple Entry.

Also, this ETA expires 5 years after issued or until passport expires.

What documents are necessary to apply?

You will not need to send us any documents for this type of visa. All you need is a valid passport, an email address, and a credit or debit card for the payment of your CANADA VISA FOR SWITZERLAND CITIZENS, it will be enough!

What is the price of the Canada ETA?

  • Standard processing (24 hours): USD $59.49.
  • Rush processing (4 hours): USD $115.49
  • Super rush processing (30 minutes): USD $182.49

Begin here your new request.

How long does it take to apply for a Canada ETA?

For this electronic visa, you only need approximately 10 minutes. So, after completing your information send it with us. We will process your order and immediately, we will inform you about your ETA via email.

How can I make my application for a Canada ETA?

It includes 3 parts:

  • Fill out your data and select the processing time that you want for your ETA.
  • Review all information and make the respective payment.
  • In this section, only complete the personal question about yourself and submit the requested documents. In some cases, you will be asked for additional documents.

If you feel ready, apply here. Once you finish your application, submit it, and wait for the response of your ETA. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our agents.

What happens after I have applied?

We will send you your Canada ETA approval by email. You don’t need to do anything else because we will take care of the whole process! After obtaining your document, you will need to print it out and present it with your passport at the airport in Canada.

Do I need to get an ETA for my kids too?

Yes, you will need to apply for an ETA too. Remember that this document is required for all foreigners.

Can UK Citizens Work in Canada?

Yes, UK citizens must apply for a work permit when seeking employment in Canada. However, If traveling short term for purposes of tourism (180 days Per Entry) you may apply for a Canadian eTA instead.

What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

All will depend on which moment you contact us. If you made a mistake while filling your personal data in our application form, you can contact us by chat, call, or email and we will help you.

If we already finished your application or/and we receive the approval of your ETA and there is a mistake, you will need to make a new application and also a new payment (less the service fee.)

Is it safe to use to get my ETA?

Of course, it is! Our company seeks the well-being of our clients by fulfilling their dream trips to new countries. We have special data that helps to encrypt our customers’ information to avoid it being spread on the Internet. The confidentiality and security that we offer are reliable since we invest a lot in programs that safeguard your information. In addition, our service is first-rate and our team has always been characterized by putting customers first.

If you want to know more about us and our services, you can enter here.

I have more unresolved questions, where can I find more info?

You can contact us and solve your questions with our agents and also read more info on this page.