How the hoverboard works

Although it is one of the most popular products today, the origins of the hoverboard go back a long way, more precisely to the 1960s; moreover, some movies used it and made it even more famous. In this article we will see how a hoverboard works so that you know everything in detail and know if it is the ideal electric monocycle for you.

How the hoverboard is made

Initially, hoverboards had a single central wheel along with the two foot supports, but in reality it was not very comfortable to use and there were various difficulties in achieving true balance. Therefore, over time it has been modify until it reaches the design we know today: a board with two self-balancing wheels that allow you to move from one point to another with natural movements.


The hoverboard is an electric unicycle that contains a special gyroscopic and self-balancing system. This means that it makes use of the body’s natural motion so that you can move easily without making any effort. Thanks to this system, when you put your body weight forward you will allow the vehicle to move forward, while when you put your body back, the effect will be reverse and the motion will reverse or stop. That’s why posture is very important when on board this vehicle, because it really is the key to using a hoverboard.

How to make turns

As for the gyro system, it allows you to rotate the wheels. Thanks to this system, the hoverboard will calculate the longitudinal inclination between the device and the ground; therefore, this information will be transmit inside the motor, giving instructions on how it should turn to keep the user’s balance on it. Making turns is therefore very easy, as you simply need to slightly rotate your shoulders towards the side where you want to make the turn. This is how the system receives information from the hoverboard and does all of the above work.

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Parts that form a hoverboard

So that you know in more detail how a hoverboard works, we will now see those parts that make it up:

– Power button: This is the button that starts the hoverboard.

– Shutdown or lock button: when we want to stop using it, it will be the button to press to end its use and thus save battery life.

– Pressure sensors: usually found in the lower part of the base and are sensors that allow you to adjust the balance of each person who gets on the hoverboard; this is why it is so important to place your feet exactly where the sensors.

– LED lights: depend on the model you will have a type of light: in any case, they are powered when you start using the vehicle and are very useful at night.

– Screen: in some models, you can also find a screen where information about the hoverboard is indicated.

– Remote control: in many models this accessory is includ for greater safety. The remote usually works within a radius of 5 kilometers, allowing you to have access to different options such as ignition, lock, calibration and more.

– Rubber tyres: This is what partially demonstrates the quality of the hoverboard, as the tires form an essential part of it. The higher the quality, the greater its attachment to the ground. You will have very different tires depending on the selected wheel size on the hoverboard.

– Electric motor: it is integrat into the wheel and is what allows it to be an electric vehicle, in addition to reaching a certain speed. Generally, the top speed of a hoverboard will be no more than 10km/h.

– Central pivot: it is an indispensable part to use the gyroscopic system and therefore be able to turn with the hoverboard.

– Battery: it is what allows the vehicle to be autonomous. It is important to have an adequate battery and to give it the necessary maintenance so that it lasts longer.

– Motherboard: together with the engine, it is the one who receives the information to make the hoverboard work correctly.

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