How to Ask Patients for Google Reviews

1.          Ask when receiving praise

You certainly receive compliments from patients frequently. Take this as a signal to request a review rather than keeping these complimentary remarks between the two of you.

People are usually happy to comply because they enjoy giving others positive recommendations. According to Bright Local, 87 percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses, so a satisfied customer’s recommendation can carry a lot of weight.

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2.         Inquire about their experience with your practice

According to CompHealth, dealing with and assisting patients is the most fulfilling aspect of medicine for 87% of doctors. If you belong to this category, asking for patient reviews can give you timely feedback that can improve your care and your connections with patients.

How to ask patients for Google reviews – Ask questions like, “Have I addressed all of your concerns?” or “Were you able to easily schedule your appointment today?” at the conclusion of the patient’s visit. Ask them to write a review about their experience if the feedback is favourable so that others can learn from it. Any constructive criticism should be noted and applied to enhance the patient experience at your practice.

3.         Be proud of the care you provide

According to CompHealth, the most satisfying aspect of becoming a doctor is for 55% of doctors to grow personally. If you’re like most of your medical colleagues, you take pride in giving your patients the greatest treatment.

Reputation management for doctors includes having confidence in oneself. You can’t expect to get patient reviews if you don’t feel secure enough in your talents to ask for them.

Consider all the folks you have aided only this past week. Prior to requesting a patient to leave an online review, use this to increase your confidence.

4.         Focus on what you must gain

To maintain a doctor’s online reputation, one must do more than merely get a high star rating. According to BrightLocal, almost 73% of consumers feel recent online evaluations are necessary to make them more likely to choose a local company.

Prospective patients could be sceptical of the validity of your practise if you simply have a few, outdated online reviews. To draw in new patients, it’s critical that your practise obtain a steady supply of reviews. This should serve as motivation for you to solicit review submissions from as many patients as you can.

5.         Realize writing reviews is commonplace

Even while you might feel uncomfortable doing so, it’s probably commonplace for them. According to BrightLocal, when asked to submit a review, 72% of customers have done so.

Your patients will likely be pleased to post a review for your practise because they routinely do so for other nearby establishments. For an understanding of how easy the procedure is, try writing a few for establishments you frequently use.

Asking patients to give feedback on your practise shouldn’t seem awkward when you know you’re providing the finest care possible. PatientPop claims that patients are 2.3 times more likely to proactively submit an online review when they are asked for their opinion. Online reviews are highly valued by consumers, so as long as you’re