How to become an effective Online Teacher in India


The covid-19 pandemic needed imperative that online education become an integral part of the lies to the students so that they could provide you with better support and their educational attainment will not be halted. The sudden shutdown of schools and colleges during the covid-19 period also ensured that proper tension was provided to the internet based applications as the school shifted from offline to online mode.

At this time it was soon found that the concept of online teaching was not that prevalent in the Indian education landscape. As a result most teacher’s found it extremely difficult to adjust to the method of online teaching thereby reasoning questions regarding how the teachers could transform into being an online teacher in the Indian educational landscape.

When the issue of not having better opportunities for teachers to learn about online teaching was raised it was soon found that several entrepreneurs started learning how to sell online courses on the internet so that we can work towards developing specific courses for the Teachers.

Entrepreneur’s were made aware about how to create an online course that specifically supports the teachers by taking into consideration the needs and requirements of being an effective online teacher. Once clarity was developed on the needs of the teachers it became easier for the entrepreneurs to work towards the development of teaching websites for the Teachers where they were taught about the nuances of online teaching thereby allowing them to become more effective in the classroom.

Ways to become an effective online teacher in India

In the given section an outline has been provided regarding the method that can be undertaken by prospective teachers to become an effective online teacher in the Indian educational sector.

  1. Choose a Subject: The first step to be undertaken by any prospective teacher is to determine a subject of interest. Despite it being possible for an individual to teach multiple subjects it is always better to have a single subject of interest where they can be able to provide their better insights and thereby make the most money out of it.
  2. Have Knowledge about the audience: It is important for the teacher to have a better idea about the audience that they intend to teach. Having knowledge about what kind of students they will be teaching, it becomes easier for the Teachers to provide them with better support and thereby help the students effectively.  It is only when a teacher is confident about teaching any particular subject that they are able to find the right kind of students to provide the services to.
  3. Develop a course pattern: The most important method used to be undertaken by any prospective online teacher is to develop a course curriculum. Through the help of this curriculum it is possible for the Teachers to have better preparation when it comes to outlining how they will teach the students. This can be anything starting from writing courses to video courses as well as PowerPoint presentations. Once the curriculum has been developed by the teachers it becomes easier for them to reach their audience and thereby teach the online classes effectively.
  4. Selling the course: There are several steps that can be undertaken by online teachers to find what methods they will undertake to sell the courses to the students. It can be anything starting from undertaking monthly subscriptions or even providing free classes to prospective students. Once they are able to outline which methods will be undertaken to sell the courses it becomes possible for them to attract the target audience towards the courses they are selling. In this way it becomes possible for the Teachers to attract a good number of students to whom they can sell their services.
  5. Find a platform to sell the courses: The final step for any prospective online teacher is to find an online platform where they can sell their services and it becomes easier for the students to effectively find them.


Each of these steps are vital for any prospective teacher working towards being an online teacher as it will allow them to showcase their services to prospective students and thereby provide support to the students and help them in achieving their educational objectives.