How to organize an office move

Moving is always a stressful event in any situation we are faced with the commitment.

Even more so when it comes to moving an office. In fact, if the move from one’s home, however difficult and a source of anxiety it may be, is easier to manage and organize, moving from a commercial space turns out to be very demanding from an organizational point of view. It also carries with it a large amount of responsibility and precautions necessary to avoid creating confusion among the various and Office Removals documents and archives present. That’s why it’s essential to know where to start and follow a precise work schedule to avoid the loss of important documents.

In these cases, relying on competent people is essential to ensure the success of the process.

The office move: how to prepare

First of all, keep in mind that a good move takes time.

Before taking action it is necessary to carefully plan all the steps, to avoid getting confused later.

For this we advise you to start with these preliminary points:

write a list of things to do, thinking carefully about every detail, to always have the situation at hand and make sure you don’t forget anything;entrusts each employee with his own task; for example, everyone could think about their own workstation, both in terms of personal things in the office and the documents they are working on organize the new headquarters well, to be sure that you are not short of space or furniture. Once you have brought all the boxes, you can quickly reorder the contents and thus be able to resume work without interruptions.

To avoid misunderstandings,

it is therefore essential that all collaborators commit themselves in time to organize the  move .If possible, delegate the simplest jobs to others, so you have time to check the progress of the work.

Have each employee create an inventory, both of the items and tools they use, and of the folders and documents they are working on. It will thus be possible to know in time what the most urgent things are and make sure that they do not end up forgotten at the bottom of a box.This is the ideal time to take a very important action: throw away the things that are no longer needed and renovate the obsolete ones.

Only when the  office is moved  do we realize how much useless and now unusable material has remained archived on the shelves over time. To lighten the load of things to move and transfer to the new location, get rid of everything, tidy up the drawers and don’t be afraid to throw away what you don’t need.If there really are things you’re not sure about, you can file them in some well-marked boxes and leave them aside: they won’t bother you during the reorganization phase of the new headquarters but you’ll know where to go to get them if necessary.

First of all, space. Is the new office bigger than the old one?

How to manage the spaces to make the work optimal right away?

These are the first questions to ask when setting foot in the designated place.

The  move of an office , in fact, does not only concern the transfer of objects from one place to another. It is a complex process, which requires a good mental commitment.Your new headquarters will have to welcome you and your collaborators for years, it is essential that everything works well from the beginning.

Take measurements, do some tests and maybe some sketches, to figure out where to place the furniture, desks and various workstations. The better you can use the spaces, the better you will find yourself working.An element to take into consideration right away is the electrical system: the distribution of power sockets and lighting can condition you when relocating objects.Create a map with the light points present and intervene if necessary if you need to move some of them. An electrician at work before starting the move is better than workers present during the hectic phases of the move.You can’t afford to come around to relocating electrical appliances and realize you don’t have enough outlet.This is why the help of specialized personnel can be invaluable. Our technicians have extensive field experience behind them and will be able to give you all the most useful information to assist you throughout the entire process.

Here we are: the office move begins

To carry out an optimal move of your office, already plan to work on the weekend. Ask your collaborators in time for the availability of being present during the chosen weekend, to avoid discontent or discussions. With a little effort from everyone, the operation will be much easier. You will find yourself starting the working week in the new headquarters, reducing disruptions and delays to a minimum, without interrupting work and above all without wasting time. Remember to notify all external collaborators, customers, and suppliers in advance of the change of address and of the day from which you will be active in the new location.

Write lists of emails and numbers to forward the message to and make sure you don’t forget anyone.

At this point, you can start the actual moving operations. You will need a large number of boxes and cartons, tape, and markers. Divide the material into categories and divide it into boxes by marking them in a recognizable way: use different color labels for all kinds of items, such as stationery, personal documents, books, etc. write on several sides of the box what it contains; attach a list of the contents, in order to quickly find a particular object, without rummaging in each box. The old headquarters and Office Removals what to do Now that you have everything ready and your collaborators are already tidying up the new office, you just have to close the old one.

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