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Augmented Reality is a technology that combines or enhances elements of the real world with computer-generated virtual images. mixed reality Several companies are developing apps that support augmented reality, and Apple promises that the upcoming OS 3.1 will bring full support for AR apps.

Fortunately, iPhone app developers seem to have found a way to sneak AR features into the AppStore via app updates.

Without an official greeting from Apple, Yelp was the first AR iPhone app to launch.

The Yelp app for iPhone uses GPS, compass, and camera to display signs for nearby restaurants, bars, and other businesses. With Yelp reviews, the Yelp app for iPhone has been in the iPhone AppStore for quite some time. But the new update adds an augmented reality feature called ‘Monocle’.

After Yelp’s update to access AR, all you need to do is shake your phone three times to activate the Monocle button that suddenly appears at the top of the screen. Once the Monocle is powered up, a restaurant and bar overlay is ready. Like all cyborg movies, reviews, and information, Monocle offers data overlays with the iPhone 3GS’s built-in compass and GPS.

Virtual Reality, where you have to live in a completely virtual environment.

Augmented Reality makes use of your existing natural environment and simply superimposes virtual data on it. With virtual and real worlds coexisting in harmony, AR users experience a new and improved natural world that uses virtual data to aid in their daily activities. As an AR development company, we provide global business and mobile solutions for your organization.

And all this using augmented reality apps for Android or iPhone only. Other human sensors such as smell, touch and touch are displayed. Innovation brings new opportunities in many markets and industries, including banking, real estate, healthcare and even manufacturing

Between Virtual Reality.

(VR), which creates a computer-generated environment, and the real world, Augmented Reality (AR) is closer to the real world. Augmented reality technology improves graphics, sound and haptic feedback. and smell of the natural world as it exists From social media filters to surgical procedures, AR is rapidly growing in popularity. Because it brings elements of the virtual world to our real world. Improve what we see, hear and feel Compared to other reality technologies, augmented reality is right in the middle of the mixed reality spectrum. Between the real world and the virtual world Contact us to see examples or learn more about our AR development services. 

Reinventing consumer durables concepts has improved consumer buying behaviour.

Major brands have started introducing more virtual and augmented reality concepts. continuously to bring a whole new experience to buyers. Consumers tend to shop online by reading product information, reviews, or watching general images or videos. But if AR and VR technology can be used successfully, they get a real feel for a place or thing before taking action. Start your AR project with us, let us create excellent AR content for your business.