How Do You Place A Rug Under Sectional? Best Living Room Tips

The perfect way to unwind after a long, arduous day is on a sectional sofa. They are stylish and provide enough seating for the entire family. 

However, after they acquire a sectional couch, most people are left wondering how to arrange their living space with rugs. A new rug can improve your living room’s appearance in various ways.

9×12 rugs are perfect for the living room because they can perfectly cover all your sectionals and table. To prevent your living area from being overly congested, it’s also essential to consider how much floor space is available.

Now let’s learn how to place your rug with sectionals!

How to Place a Rug with a Sectional Sofa

Your home can immediately transform from drab to stunning with the right setup. These stylish decoration ideas for living rooms are ideal for ensuring that the rug placement complements your sectional beautifully.

1. Large Rugs Are a Great Idea

Make sure to consider large area rugs when choosing a new one. Large sectional couches are available. They go great together with large-area rugs!

Before placing an order for an area rug, accurately measure the space where it will go. The room will look clunky if you end up with a too-tiny rug.

2. Set the Rug and Coffee Table in Order

A coffee table is typically placed in front of a sectional sofa. Place a rug next to your coffee table to embellish. If both are rectangular, you can do this by aligning the corner of your rug with the corner of your table. If you have a round table in your home, you may center a circle rug underneath it to make the ideal center area!

3. Position Your Rug at an Angle

Place the rug at an angle on purpose rather than meticulously aligning it with a piece of furniture. If your sectional sofa sits in front of a coffee table, you can still accomplish this. 

A rectangular rug can have the corners tucked beneath the couch and the remaining portion placed at an angle. Rugs are arranged diagonally to create a contemporary living room with a chic appearance.

4. Install the Rug in the Center

Place your rug in the center of the area in front of your L-shaped sectional couch. You can align square and rectangular carpets with the couch’s corners. Rugs that are circular or oval can be centered in this area. Any rug shape can be used with this placing strategy.

It’s crucial to leave a modest amount of floor space visible while implementing this concept. The distance between the rug and the couch should be about six inches.

5. Rug Layering

The ability to include multiple decoration concepts in one central area is provided by layering rugs in front of your sectional couch. Make sure to use thin carpets when layering them. Include a rug with a busy pattern together with neutral hues. 

After that, put one rug in front of the couch in the center. At an angle, place another rug on top of the first one. Finish off your rugs with a lovely circular rug positioned in the middle beneath your coffee table for an eye-catching appearance that all visitors will love!

6. Match the Rug’s Corner with the Sectional’s Corner

Choose a rectangular area rug for a clean, contemporary appearance. Next, align the corner of the sectional sofa with the corner of the rug. This will produce a clean, linear appearance.

Avoid complex patterns and bright colors to finish the effect. Instead, use neutral hues and contemporary patterns to create a living space that harmoniously blends.

7. Circular and Oval Rugs in the Center of a Luxurious Sofa

Even if there are no other pieces of furniture in front of your couch, centering oval and circular rugs, there is a great idea. Do not put furniture legs on the rug or place any rug section below a sofa. The distance between the couch and the rug should be between 6 and 12 inches. This design advice can give your lovely living room an attractive look.

8. Remove the Legs from the Rug

Avoid popular decorating suggestions that suggest you should rest a couch on a regular sofa’s legs. Instead, put rugs in front of an extra-large sectional sofa for a more contemporary appearance.

This decorating strategy might also help you save money if you have a big sofa. You don’t have to choose a rug bigger than your sofa. You can buy one smaller!

9. Place Only the Front Sofa Legs on the Area Rugs

Place the front sofa legs on the rug rather than the full couch. For a sectional sofa to do this, you’ll need a sizable rug that can accommodate all front legs. Avoid putting only a few front sofa legs on the carpeting because this will look strange.

10. Place the Entire Sofa on Your Rug

Choose a sizable area rug to place the complete sectional on top of the rug. This is a terrific idea if you want to create private rooms out of open floor designs. In open-plan living spaces, ensure the rug is large enough to accommodate a coffee table and any additional furniture, such as end tables, on top of it.


The rug is the most significant item of décor in the living room. Everyone who entered the living room noticed the sectionals and then the rugs. That’s why it is very crucial to place them properly. Consider 9×12 area rugs to cover everything properly. 

Follow our tips to correctly place your rugs with sectionals in your luxury living room.

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