Who Is A Build-Over Agreement Solicitor?

The world of law is a tricky space to manoeuvre, so whenever there is a legal dispute, we need an experience layer or solicitor to fight the case. Any issue that requires a legal perspective must be taken to a solicitor for their expert opinion before the client takes any step. The same applies to building construction and extensions. Suppose you plan to start construction on your property or extend a portion of the real estate for more living and working space. In that case, there are certain factors that you need to consider avoiding legal complications and troubling in the future. And build-over agreement solicitors help you to do exactly that. So let’s dive right into it without any further delay. 

What Is A Build-Over Agreement? 

The Water Company is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the public sewer and drainage lines. It has been previously noticed in several cases of privet building construction that these sewage and drainage lines got blocked or disrupted due to a lack of carefulness. Since 2011, any individual who plans to take up construction work on their personal property must take permission from the water authority to avoid such disruptions to public properties, especially when there is a public drain or sewage line within 3 meters of the construction site 

The build-over agreement is a legally binding document that assures the public Water Company that the applicant’s building construction will in no way disrupt the sewer lines and the drains within the vicinity. And the entire process of getting a build-over agreement is executed by your hired build-over agreement solicitor. 

Why Do You Need A Build Over Solicitors To Get The Job Done?

The legal world is full of loopholes and intricate details that, if missed, could lead to trouble. The build-over agreement solicitors have been in the industry and comprehensively understand the best-case and worst-case scenarios. Naturally, when they are drawing up the agreement, these solicitors will look closely at all the provisions and the terms mentioned in the document so that no key point gets left out. For the layman, the agreement’s language could be a stumbling block. However, the build-over agreement solicitors from the top law firms in the country have been studying the different possible cases and can provide all the help and support their clients require to emerge victorious if legal action is required by taking up all the measures. 

Why Should Every Property Owner Hire a Build over Solicitors before starting The New Construction?

The primary and foremost responsibility of a build-over agreement solicitor is to draw up the proper paperwork as per the rules and regulations set by the authorities and the public Water Company. Now, multiple actors make a build-over agreement absolutely vital for any and all sorts of private building ventures, especially when there is a water line, sewers or drains within close proximity of the property. If the client fails to get the build-over agreement before or during the construction [process], the local authorities can take any legal step against the property owner that they deem fit and even demolish the property depending on the severity of the offense. 

On the other hand, with a proper build-over agreement, the water company will issue the comfort letter if and when they are satisfied that all the sewage and drainage lines in and around the area are completely safe and undestroyed. This comfort letter on its part acts as an assurance for the next buyer or the lender for the mortgage about the security of the property to avoid any future disputes. Moreover, if the build-over agreement solicitor takes their responsibility seriously, not only will the water company have to look for other sources of access to the sewage line without any harm to the construction but also cannot demolish or destroy the property in any way. 

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How Do You Choose The Right Build-Over Agreement Solicitor?

To avoid complications and ensure a smooth completion of the construction, hiring the right build-over agreement solicitor is extremely vital. You can always ask for references from friends, family memes, acquaintances, and colleagues who have undertaken such an endeavor in recent years. You can also go on the web and look up the different law firms offering this service. A good build-over agreement solicitor requires much more than a strong legal background. What they need most is fluency in the field and extensive experience that will help them solve real-life issues and guide their clients regarding the best course of action at every step of the process. 

If you are planning to begin construction work in the near future, it is crucial that you ask for expert advice from the best build-over solicitors in the country. So give us a call and book a consultation today!