How To Quickly Test A Load Cell With A High Voltage Tester

Load cells are used to measure weight or force. They are an essential part of many electronic devices and systems, such as medical devices, industrial control systems, and weighing scales. While load cells are typically very accurate, they can sometimes become damaged or malfunction.

In order to test a load cell, you will need a high voltage tester. This type of tester can be used to quickly test the accuracy of a load cell. Follow the steps below to learn how to test a load cell with a high voltage tester.

What does a Load Cell and High Voltage Tester do:

The high voltage tester is versatile equipment that tests the resistance of any load cell. It can test high-precision load cells and low-voltage/high-voltage electronics. A high Voltage Tester is also used to check the coiled Bobin is free from any production defects with regards to the insulation over the main conductor. While Load Cell instrument can function as a simple voltage-to-magnitude converter, or as a simple indication of force indicator. In other words, it can be said that the load cell converts electrical power into mechanical for the low-level load cell that may perform well at around 100 W, while the high level may require over 1kW.

Test The Load Cell By Measuring The Voltage Output:

There are several ways to test a load cell to ensure it is working properly. One way is to measure the voltage output of the cell when a known force is applied. This can be done by suspending the load cell from a known weight and measuring the voltage output. The voltage output should change in proportion to the weight applied. If the voltage output is not proportional to the weight, the load cell may be damaged or defective.

Measure The Resistance And Output Of The Load Cell:

The output from the high-voltage tester is usually between 20,000-30,000 volts. This high voltage output can easily damage your load cell if not used properly, so you need to take special care when using this device on a load cell.

You should make sure that your load cell is placed in an area where there are no metal objects or other materials that may cause a short or spark when it comes into contact with these materials. You also need to make sure that there are no loose wires or wires under tension so they don’t become damaged during testing.

Test A Load Cell By Applying Pressure:

 To quickly test a load cell is to first apply pressure. This will cause the load cell to generate a voltage and you will be able to see this on your tester. The next step is to read the voltage. You can do this by turning your tester on, then slowly increasing the pressure until you get an output reading from your load cell. This can be done with a hydraulic jack or other hydraulic tools. The hydraulic tool should be placed on top of the load cell and then turned on so that it applies pressure to the load cell. If there’s no movement from the load cell after 30 seconds, then it has likely failed and needs replacing.

Check By Using Ohmmeter:

If there is resistance, then you know that something is wrong with your load cell. You may have a bad connection or even an open circuit between these two terminals. You can check these things by using an ohmmeter again and checking for continuity between each terminal on the load cell itself (one side connected to ground and one side connected to positive). If there is no continuity at either point, then you know that something has gone wrong with your load cell and needs replacing or repairing

Wrapping Up:

It is important to select the correct loadcell rating for an application. This can be determined by calculating the net force by choosing the wrap configuration. High Voltage Testers and Load cell  are introduced by Puretronics for measuring the tension of the product online. Measurement of the tension value of all materials including paper, cardboard, plastic film, foil, rubber and wire. Precision measurements of web tension are essential to ensure consistent product quality and maximize productivity. Different models are available to meet the requirement like Flat type, Round type, and Round Hollow type.

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