I Tried Compounding Pharmacy and Here’s What I Liked About It

If you’re struggling with acne, have psoriasis that won’t go away, or otherwise have dermatological skin care concerns, you may be thinking about going to your physician and asking about compounded medications as treatment options. But what are compounded medications? Compounded medications are just what they sound like: medications formulated specifically for your condition using ingredients which have been compounded into one easy-to-use topical cream or ointment.

A Compounded pharmacy is a great way to get the same results as store-bought over-the-counter treatments without any of the harmful chemicals and preservatives those products contain.

The pharmacists took the time to get to know me

Compounding Pharmacy is a pharmacy near me that provides personalized care to meet the needs of their customers. The pharmacists were very attentive when it came to my needs, which included customizing medication for anxiety and skin sensitivities. They took the time to get to know me as a person, not just a patient or customer, and customized everything I needed. This experience made me feel like they genuinely cared about my health as opposed to just trying to make a sale.

 The convenience was very helpful to me: Another huge plus of using Compound Pharmacy was that they offer delivery services! Before going to a Compound Pharmacy, I had to get my medications filled at a regular pharmacy, which meant planning my day around it. Their delivery service allowed me more freedom so that I could spend time doing other things.

They were able to customize my medication

My daughter has a severe reaction to some of the ingredients in her medications. We have tried a lot of different pharmacies to try to find one that can get her medication right, but it was always hit or miss. Finally, we found Compounding Pharmacy near us. They were able to customize her medication for her specific needs, which made all the difference in the world for my daughter.

 They were also able to get her medication to us faster than any other pharmacy we’ve ever tried. Sometimes, you need a change of medication or dosage so fast that you can’t wait for it to be delivered by a traditional pharmacy. We found out quickly that when we needed something quickly, they could make it happen, which was a huge help to our family.

The medication was more effective

After being prescribed some medication that was not working very well, I tried compounding pharmacy. My dosage was changed to a different strength, and my prescription was cut in half. Not only did the medication start to work much better, but it also caused fewer side effects.

 Because of how simple it is to use a compounding pharmacy, you don’t have to worry about taking your medication on time. This can be extremely convenient if you tend to forget when you need to take something. You just make sure you are taking your new dosage every day, or as prescribed by your doctor. Also, while some medications can cause side effects such as headache or constipation because yours has been adjusted specifically for you, these problems will not occur.

I had fewer side effects

One of my favorite things about compounding pharmacy was how near it is. Sometimes when you use a prescription medication, you can have side effects or other problems. With compounding pharmacy, I had fewer side effects because they were able to custom make a medicine that worked better for me.

 In addition to avoiding side effects, I found that a lot of compounding pharmacy is over-the-counter. That means there’s a lot of flexibility in how you take your medicine so that you can fit it into your schedule. For example, if you need to avoid certain foods, they can make medicine that dissolves on your tongue instead of having to swallow pills.

It was more convenient

I’m a busy person who doesn’t always have time to go to the pharmacy but still needs to take my prescription. I found that compounding pharmacy can be more convenient for me because they’ll send it right to your door. They also offer free shipping! Plus, you don’t need an appointment which is perfect when you’re in a hurry.

Compounding pharmacies are licensed by both the FDA and DEA, so you know your medicine will be safe!

The Price Is Great

I was really impressed with the price of medication at compounding pharmacy. The cost for my prescription was about half what it would have been at a regular pharmacy. In addition, the staff was very helpful in finding me the exact medication that I needed. They also offered to contact my insurance company to see if there were any plans or programs available to help me get medication at an affordable rate. Finally, they explained all the different payment options available so I knew how to choose which one best suited my needs.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a great, personalized pharmacy experience, be sure to try compounding pharmacy. Compounding pharmacies provide custom formulations for specific needs. It can be tailored to your specific health needs as well as offer alternative options if you have an allergy or intolerance. The staff is always willing to answer any questions that you may have about the pharmacy process and will work with you on what would best suit your needs.