How to Reduce Fever in Children Naturally

There is nothing that can make a parent panic more than the thought of the children coming down with a fever or a cold. Young children are more prone to getting ill, as their immune systems are not very strong to fight seasonal allergies and the toxic air around them. 

To add to that, the pandemic has made parents even more worried about the conditions and diseases that attack their children. But it must be remembered by parents that a fever is not always bad news. A fever that is under 102 indicates that your child’s immune system is working hard to fight off the fever.        

Pediatric specialists all around the world say that there are some remedies that can work great for children. There is no need to pop in medicine every time your baby gets ill. So, let’s have a look at the remedies that can work in reducing your child’s fever. 

  1. Apple Cider Bath

With ice-cold baths being popular to bring down fever in children and toddlers, these might not be as helpful. In fact, cold showers can put your child’s inner temperature in a state of shock. 

A warm bath is considered to be more helpful than the cold one. It can be a gentle way to bring the high temperatures down. In order to make a warm bath even more effective, you can make it into an apple cider bath. This is also one of the most workable home remedies used for fever in kids and has been used for decades to treat fever in children. 

While giving a bath to the child, add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to a warm compress pack and lay it over your child’s baby. 

  1. Cold Compress

Adding to the natural ways of reducing fever in babies is the use of a cold compress. A cold compress is used significantly to reduce the temperature in one’s body. 

To make it, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to four tablespoons of cold water. The vinegar can help in removing the heat. Mix these ingredients well. Take a clean cloth and dip it in this mixture and apply it to the forehead of the baby suffering from fever. 

Keep on continuing this till there comes a time you feel your temperature going down. This is a very popular Indian home remedy to reduce fever in kids.

  1. Greens

Grapes can be very refreshing and cooling. Add 1 cup of grape juice, add half a teaspoon of cumin, half a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, and half a teaspoon of fennel. This home remedy to cure fever in children works wonders. 

Another remedy to help infants recover from fever is by taking a handful of cilantro. Put it into a blender with one-third cup of water. Blend and strain it thoroughly. Drink the liquid 2 to 3 times a day. It will help in keeping your fever at bay. Use this remedy for a week, and if you think that the fever is not going anywhere, make sure to visit the doctor near you. 

  1. Herbal Tea

If your child is refusing to take water or drink any liquids. Make sure to give them herbal teas as these can help in bringing down the fever. As long as the tea doesn’t contain caffeine, herbal teas are great for the treatment of fever. 

This is one of the best remedies that can be used in kids to keep their temperature low. Chamomile tea is a very popular remedy for fever and can work great for poor digestion also. 

Peppermint tea on the other side helps in settling a bad tummy and eases congested airways that come with the flu or cold. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to the tea for better taste and antibacterial powers. 

  1. Nourishing Soup

The number one cause of worry when a child is suffering from a fever is not the fever itself but the dehydration that comes with it. The fever can make your child sweat a lot and this can result in losing important minerals from the body. 

This is why it is important that you make sure that your child is drinking enough fluids. A hot bowl of soup never hurts anyone and is one of the best remedies that can help you reduce fever in kids naturally. 

Not only a soup contains essential vitamins and minerals but is easier for your child to digest. 


All these tips and home remedies are done to cure fever in children dont work for everyone. That is why it is important to visit a doctor if you don’t see any improvement after using these remedies. Keep taking care of your children and focus on increasing their immunity in the first place. Help them stay away from fevers and colds as much as you can.