Characteristics of an Ideal Staircase Railing

Industrial Staircase Railing

A thoughtfully designed, strong staircase railing is mandatory no matter where it’s installed. The staircase railings are required to provide safety and sustain the load of multiple individuals who may be using them in the case of an emergency or whenever they may need something to lean on. Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing the ideal industrial staircase railing:

Appropriate Height

Since industrial steel staircases are used primarily in high-risk commercial areas, it only makes sense to ensure that the correct dimensions are considered. Many commercial-sized staircases are used as buildings’ fire exit staircases or may be used in high-risk environments, such as chemical plants. In such cases, an appropriate size must be measured before purchasing the staircase. 

The location of the staircase can determine the size of the handrail. In the above scenarios, a slightly higher handrail must be purchased, or custom industrial steel stairs can be made to take into account the safety hazards while working in high-risk areas. 

Utility vs. Aesthetics

Industrial staircase railing is more about utility than aesthetics. Industrial staircases are used in environments where functionality is important because it caters to the hazards posed by staircases located in these environments. It needs to prevent people coming down these stairs from falling.

Although aesthetics may not be the priority, it’s necessary to ensure that the handrail is kept clean for an extended period of time. Galvanizing the handrail steel prevents it from rusting and looking rusty in the near future. It also slows down the rusting process and maintains the handrail for longer than if it’s not galvanized and the steel or iron is exposed to moisture. 

Adherence to Building Regulations

Adhering to the building and staircase standards prevents mistakes, which can lead to liabilities. It’s also a good reference to know more about the industry specifications used in a specific environment. 

Adhering to standards like the IBC or the OSHA staircase standards can inadvertently promote a safe work environment for professionals in these settings. Industrial steel staircase railings are not ornaments like other hand railings. Their main purpose is the safety of the individuals using these staircases, so keeping in mind the standards can help with this initiative.


According to the points mentioned above, it can be concluded that the right dimensions of the handrails can only be decided after a thorough assessment of the area where they will be installed. To learn more about industrial steel handrails, visit Western Pacific Storage Solutions.