Safety Features To Check Before Buying A Used Car In UAE

When a person has decided to buy a used car in UAE, it means that he/she has a considerable amount of money in which they are looking for a reliable car. Whether you are willing to buy a pickup truck or a sports car, the most important feature to check in a car is its safety functionalities. 

Modern cars in the automobile markets have become increasingly safer for customers due to awareness and instructions from the government. However, there are certain must-have safety features that you check in all used cars for sale in UAE

Before you head to your automobile dealership, take a moment to check out what safety features your new ride should have. Here in this article, we’ve combined a list of safety features that you should check before buying any used car. 

List of Safety Features

  1. Anti-Lock Brake System

This system allows the driver to steer their vehicle while braking heavily. If your car doesn’t have an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), your car’s wheels can cease turning if you hit the brakes, especially while traveling on slippery or icy roads. In this situation, your vehicle will keep moving in the direction it was originally moving in, and you won’t be able to control its speed, direction, or anything else. 

In some adverse circumstances, the car may spin or slide in a sloppy area also. Therefore, before buying any used car, always check for its ABS functionalities. ABS mainly protects the wheels from locking up so that the driver can control and maneuver obstacles if needed. 

  1. Head Protection Side Airbags

Usually, in cars, there are two types of side airbags; head and chest-protecting airbags. A check protection airbag will deploy from the door trim or seat of the car. It offers substantial protection to the driver or the passenger’s chest and torso. However, chest-protecting airbags do not protect the head and neck area of the person. So for this purpose, vehicles are mostly equipped with dedicated head-protection airbags stored in the vehicle’s side windows. 

Moreover, some latest vehicles are also equipped with curtain airbags that cover the rear and front side windows to keep the passengers safe from hitting their heads or debris during any crash. Furthermore, a curtain airbag also provides additional safety by preventing someone from being ejected from the car if it rolls after a collision. 

  1. Smart Front Airbags

Many vehicles offer a multistage system tailored to the front occupant of its body. Basically, smart airbags can detect the weight and the presence of the person in the driving seat and passenger seat. It can also detect whether the driver and passenger are wearing the safety belts or not and allow the car to make a sound that warns to fasten seat belts. 

Smart Airbag system adjusts the deployment to front airbags in any crash and reduces the chances of injury to children or drivers of smaller altitudes. Therefore, always make sure to inspect the smart airbag system of the used car before purchasing it. 

  1. Electronic Stability Control

The electronic stability control system mainly helps the driver to keep the car on course during any turn. It also reduces the chances of skidding or sliding out of control, mainly on slick roads or while making a sudden turn. For instance, if you are driving a top-heavy and tall car model such as a truck or a large SUV, then electronic stability control reduces the risk of rolling over. 

So, looking at different car manufacturers, you can know their proprietary names for their ESC systems. If you’ve doubted whether the vehicle has chosen a used car to have an ESC system or not, you can also have the dealer show you the car specifications, including ESC system details. 

  1. Safety Belt Features

Seatbelts are one of the most important safety features of any car a person has. Just fastening the seat belt properly can reduce the risk of severe injury and prevent the individual from being ejected from the vehicle during any crash. So, when you buy used cars in UAE, make sure to check whether the car’s seat belt fits comfortably across your chest rather than your neck. 

Nowadays, experienced personal injury attorneys have introduced a safety belt- pretensioner. It immediately locks the seat belt in place during any crash and removes any slack. Thus, allowing the passengers to gain the maximum amount of protection while deploying airbags. 

Furthermore, many more advanced vehicles also offer force limiters as a companion safety feature to pretensioners. It also limits the amount of force that seat belts exert on the person’s chest as it tightens due to pretensioner features. Once the seat belt is fully secured, the force limiter allows the belt to loosen slightly, allowing the person to breathe easily. 

Some Other Features to Check in Before Buying Used Cars

All these were some of the major safety features that you should check before buying any used car. However, there are also some other important features that you should inspect before buying a used car;

  • Car’s Mileage
  • Inspect the interior and exterior of the car for any visible damage, dents, and rust
  • Go through the document of the car properly
  • Take the second-hand car for a test drive to see whether it’s comfortable for you and how well it performs. 

Wrapping Up

The first and foremost priority of everyone is the safety of themselves and their family. So, when you buy used cars in UAE, you should primarily check the safety features of the car. If you don’t know what safety features should be checked and how to check them in used cars for sale in UAE, then we’ve described in detail how you can do it. Besides getting the used car checked by any mechanic, you should personally inspect every aspect of the car, as you are going to drive that car, so it should meet all your needs.