Interior Paint Colours That Work Beautifully Over Doors

Consider each house or apartment you’ve ever had. How many had white doors on them? We’ll go with most. It’s uncommon to come across a door with a striking colour, subtle neutral, or even a deep wood stain. It’s not necessary to be that way. Doors can be much more than just a way to enter and exit a place. As an experienced wall painter in Mumbai working with NoBroker, I often pay attention to using doors as an integral part of the home décor. Here are some of the best tips on paint colours that will elevate the look of the door!

Prefer Use Black Paint.

The perfect choice is a stylish black that looks stunning with white walls, a colourful book collection, and antique rugs. Don’t be afraid to use a striking colour like black. Black is a classic hue for a reason, and black doors can add strong elegance and make a space look modern.

Go Green To Foster A Sense Of The Natural Feel

Going natural with a calming, warm green can be preferable because white does not necessarily have to pop in the bright, white, neutral area. Whenever homeowners ask for my expert advice as a wall painter in Mumbai, I always suggest that using green for indoor painting is never a bad choice!

Draw The Door Out As An Architectural Element.

It need not be an afterthought to include a door. They can be a prominent architectural feature in a room with more than a few vibrant, stunning doors. By adding distinctive silhouettes painted in a deep, rich colour, one should pay tribute to them. The seductive peacock blue-green gives a farmhouse-style Dutch door and a traditional white kitchen a sophisticated sensibility. Still, intense hue colours in monochrome rooms are also a terrific choice for walls, trim, and doors.

To Make The Space Shine, Keep Everything White.

White is used in 99 percent of homes because it is timeless and allows the rest of the room to take centre stage. Of course, picking the perfect white colour here is the secret. You may opt to use a serene Chantilly Lace white to anchor the solid and vivid motifs. Doors are painted a neutral white to complement the rooms’ bold colours and patterns without detracting from them. However, one can utilise the door in a dramatic deep onyx hue if the interior is somewhat neutral.

Tips on Getting Ready to Paint a Door

During your daily comings and goings, interior doors might wear a lot. Interior door painting is a simple technique to enhance the appearance and brighten your spaces. Before painting interior doors, carry out the following tasks.

● To make painting easier, remove all the hardware from your inside door, including the door knobs. Make sure the new hardware will match the old hardware if you’re replacing it.

● Pick paint that is suggested for interior doors, such as finishes with a long-lasting gloss or semi-gloss sheen that is simple to maintain.

● If feasible, paint in a well-ventilated space or use a fan to move the air.

● Before priming or painting the area after sanding, clear it of dust.

Expert Advice From Nobroker Wall Painter In Mumbai

● Always take your time and conduct thorough prep work before painting a door a dark colour since the more lines you can see, the darker the paint will appear.

● Because it is easy to clean and has a subtle shine, most doors and trimmings are painted semi-gloss. Use high-gloss paint if you want a more polished appearance; when done perfectly, it can look lovely and make the colour you use incredibly deep and reflective.

● To get a flawless finish, thoroughly prepare the surface before painting and use the supplies they recommend.

● Start at the top of the door and work your way down when painting it. On panelled doors, always brush against the grain of the wood.


The ideal alternative to an extensive home makeover in the near future is to give your room a brand-new appearance with a fresh coat of paint. Knowing these details is a must for every homeowner! If you need help of wish to consult an trusted wall painter in Mumbai, you can book free consultation by visiting