Lung Inflammation: How Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Can Help

Lung inflammation can manifest in various symptoms, including wheezing, tiredness and fatigue, trouble breathing, chest discomfort, coughing, and more. Some cases of lung inflammation are short-term and resolve with minimal medical intervention., while other forms last longer and require advanced treatment, even surgery. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) delivers pure oxygen to your cells and can help soothe various cell and tissue ailments including inflammation of lung tissues. 

3 Ways HBOT Can Benefit People With Lung Inflammation

Lung inflammation, or “pneumonitis,” refers to inflammation of the lung tissue, which can stem from infections and noninfectious causes. Airborne irritants, certain drugs, radiation treatments, mold, and bacteria are common causes of lung inflammation. 

Doctors can use blood tests, imaging (x-ray and CT), pulmonary function tests, bronchoscopy, and surgical lung biopsy to diagnose the condition. Corticosteroids and oxygen therapy are the two popular treatments for lung inflammation. Here are three ways HBOT can help:

1. Ease Breathing Difficulty

Lung inflammation patients may experience difficulty breathing. Urgent care for breathing failures involves specialized oxygen masks in a hospital. HBOT can help ease breathing difficulty in non-urgent cases. If you feel tired and find it difficult to breathe after a workout, HBOT can deliver more concentrated oxygen to your lungs and cells. The treatment involves breathing 100% oxygen under high pressure. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with lung inflammation, hyperbaric oxygen treatment can help you improve oxygen intake after tiresome activity. You can choose monoplace or multiplace HBOT chambers: monoplace chambers accept one person at a time, while multiplace chambers feature individual masks arranged in setups that allow multiple seats. Such chambers are perfect when getting treatment with friends or family.

HBOT chambers increase the volume of oxygen that reaches your lung tissues and other cells. Inflamed lung tissues will struggle to absorb oxygen, which may result in gasping for air as the lungs strain. Oxygen starvation can also slow wound healing and cause some cells to die. HBOT therapy provides oxygen surplus, allowing you to fight the negative effects of long-term lung inflammation.

2. Reduces Inflammation/Swelling

Lung inflammation requires urgent remedy because it starves your body of oxygen. Medications for inflammation aim to reduce swelling and ease breathing, but they come with a list of side effects. HBOT therapy delivers excess oxygen that helps with reducing inflammation without adverse effects. The treatment increases blood flow and supplies oxygen-rich plasma to inflamed cells and tissues.

Inflammation, hypoxia, and environmental oxygen levels are linked. People with inflamed tissues will register lower-than-normal oxygen levels. Insufficient oxygen can cause hypoxia, a condition where your blood has low oxygen. Hypoxia can cause inflammation in different cells and tissues that don’t receive enough oxygen. HBOT increases the volume of oxygen in the blood, effectively reducing inflammation.

If you have long-term lung inflammation, HBOT therapy can help you prevent or reduce swelling in other cells and tissues. The oxygen-rich blood also flows to the lung tissues and can help reduce swelling and treat the condition. HBOT can improve short-term lung inflammation and speed up healing and recovery. You can use the treatment to give your lung tissues the best chance of recovery by delivering pure oxygen and reducing toxic gases.

3. Fights Bacteria & Other Pathogens

If your lung inflammation stems from pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, HBOT therapy can speed up your recovery. The treatment helps to block the action of harmful bacteria and viruses by disabling some of the toxins released by the pathogens. HBOT also promotes the growth of new cells, including white blood cells. Increased white blood cell count can help fight infections and harmful bacteria, complementing your lung inflammation treatment.

HBOT increases oxygen concentration in your tissues, which helps the cells resist infections. The therapy also increases the strength of some antibiotics and can reduce edema in the tissues. Lung inflammation stemming from other factors, like cancer treatment, can leave you more vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections. You can use HBOT to strengthen your immunity, speed up wound healing and promote growth.

Where to Get Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

You should get hyperbaric oxygen treatment from reliable facilities and medical groups. The best way to experience the HBOT benefits is through personalized therapy sessions. You need reputable centers with well-maintained chambers and licensed operators. HBOT improves natural immunity, stimulates natural healing, and enhances neurological functions, but only if received from a credible facility. Choose centers with a positive reputation and happy client reviews.