Make Your In-store Products Accessible to Nearby Shoppers with Free Google Local Ads

Nowadays, the most obvious choice to find a nearby store is Google search. The frequency of searches has grown at least thrice in the past few years. So, you are sure to miss out a lot if you still haven’t started using the Google Local Inventory Ads services.

Uploading inventory in google can bring more local shoppers into your store and increase store foot traffic. In this article, we’ll learn about Google Local Inventory Ads in detail.

What are Local Inventory Ads?

Local Inventory Ads are simple tools to show your potential local customers what you have and how they can get it. Their search results present the available products right at the top of Google search results.

Customers who click on the Ad are then directed to your local storefront. You can also give labels like “in-store” or “pick up today” to attract buyers. Thus, it directly promotes your brick-and-mortar stores and makes it more convenient.

How do Local Inventory Ads Work?

Searches within a particular location automatically present inventory listings on top of the search results page, Google Maps, and the Google Shopping tab. All you need to do is set up your inventory listings and a Google Business account.

This way, shoppers can see what they need from your store and its details. These ads direct buyers to your preferred payment paths like your website or your store.

Why You Should Use Google Local Inventory Ads?

The availability of various options like BOPIS and its increasing demand makes it crucial for businesses to reach their customers even before they make a product decision.

 Here are some of the direct benefits of using Google Local Inventory Ads:

1. Promote Your In-Store Inventory

Local Inventory Ads solely aim at promoting your local inventory to local shoppers. You can easily enlist the available products and enhance their reach with this marketing tool in a cost-effective manner.

2. Emerge Online

Enabling online access to your traditional brick-and-mortar store is easier than ever with Google Local Inventory ads. You don’t necessarily need a separate online store to use this tool. You can create a virtual storefront and pair it with your physical store. Thus, you can bring online awareness to your local storefront.

3. Boost Foot Traffic In Your Store

Using Local Inventory Ads, reaching your potential local buyers is super easy. Providing options like “pick up today” or “Curbside Pickup” can increase foot traffic in-store. It amplifies offline sales with advanced targeting based on geographical parameters. Also, providing bids for local inventory ads can increase the chances of buying.

4. Increase Accessibility

Your products show up in various platforms like Google Maps, Google Images, Google Assistant, and Google Search. This in turn gives more exposure to your offline store for free. Customers can navigate to your stores effortlessly with these Google services, making it convenient for them to find you.

 5. Measure Your Performance

With Local Inventory Ads, you will no longer face the challenge of tracking your business performance online. Various metrics are available to do it for you. You can analyze store visits, ad clicks, and interactions.

Local Inventory Ads are available for Free and Paid, both.

  • To Create Your Account: It is available for free. You just need to show your interest and fill in a form. You will need a Google My Business to account for effectively using Local Inventory Ads.
  • To Increase Your Reach: You can go for paid options to boost listings and reach more potential buyers.

According to the number of clicks on your Ads, the charges will vary. You are only charged if customers express an interest in your product.

Wrapping Up!

Utilizing Local Inventory Ads can directly enrich your business with multiple benefits. The number of shoppers searching for nearby stores is rapidly growing.  The only challenge is to keep your inventory up-to-date. You will need real-time data sync and an efficient inventory management system. Well, there is a solution.

Partner with 24Seven Commerce and provide a seamless shopping experience to your potential customers. You can seamlessly manage your business avoiding pain points like manual data entry, stock outs, or errors with the support of this efficient POS system.

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