Miro vs Confluence: Which Software is worth an investment? 

You can use Miro Software to organize objects, make notes and designs, and engage in online conversations or embedded video calls for communication. Additionally, the tool includes several pre-built templates that can act as models or as a springboard for your own project work. When doing live, remote design thinking workshops, we like to use the online whiteboarding tool and apply Miro. Over 75,000 people use the Confluence Software, which was released in 2004. It facilitates project management by enabling you to establish a single point of truth for all of your data. Also, offering communication options and offering a selection of templates.

Miro Software 

Marketing, UX & Design, product management, and engineering have all benefited from using the whiteboard software Miro. Roadmaps, mind maps, and user story maps are included. Moreover, customer journey applications and Kanban are just a few examples of the many tools available for brainstorming. With a collection of tools to handle workshops and corporate events, the remote workspace problem is solved. The limitless hub also allows you to manage home base projects. Additionally, video conferencing and interactive displays on Miro Software make the virtual workspace a lively setting for everyone. Advanced admin controls and enterprise-grade security are also made possible by Miro.

Miro Key Features 

Employee Monitoring

The progress of various tasks may be tracked by managers, who can also see at any time how much of the project is finished. To examine a task’s details, including the task owner, collaborators, attachments, and due dates, they can click on the task itself. The edit option makes it simple to change the specifics or move the deadline.


The required alerts and reminders are sent by the project management tool right to the user’s mailbox. Notifications may also be shown on the desktop or sent directly to the mobile device using an application. Every time someone modifies their cards, the task owner will receive immediate notification. Instead of manually adding everyone to the cc line on emails, this capability can be used to disseminate notifications or deliver critical information.

Calendar Management

Project managers can depict the project lifecycle using the scheduling tool in Miro project management. They can ensure the project calendar follows the suggested time frame and coordinate all deliverables with the overall objective. To make sure the project is moving following the timeline and staying within the budget, the software has all alternatives available.

Miro Pricing 

The Software offers four pricing models for its users. The first one is free and does not offer all the features. The second one is called Starter. It costs $8 per month per member. The third pricing tier is Business. It retails at $16 and has all the features. The final option is Enterprise. Pricing for this option has not been shared publicly. That is because it can be tailored according to your budget.

Miro Demo 

Miro software has a demo option available on its website. Users who think they want to invest in the tool can schedule it with one click.

Miro Reviews 

Miro is a handy, shareable collaborative tool, but regrettably, it has user and authorization concerns, making it challenging to utilize for a sizable enterprise. However, Miro is generally excellent for team communication and it aids in the elimination of preliminary processes in activities like conceptualizing and planning sessions.

Confluence Software 

The ephemeral nature of labor necessitates management strategies that can keep up. Remote teams can collaborate and instantly share comments thanks to the Confluence software. You can quickly gather and access data with the aid of features like pages and spaces.

Confluence includes several templates that you can use to create strategic execution plans.  For your campaigns, you don’t even need to start from zero. Additionally, you may get affordable Confluence software. Regardless of whether you are in charge of a major corporation or a startup.

Confluence Key Features 

Knowledge Management

Having a centralized repository of information can make it easier to work efficiently when doing so online. In order to assist you to move your files to a single platform, the Confluence software incorporates functionalities.

Project Collaboration

Working together is made easier using the Confluence software. To make sure that your team can work together without wasting any time, you can create project plans and actionable meeting notes. Projects may be launched thanks to the adaptable workspaces quickly because you need to start from zero with every single aspect.


The contemporary intranet system promotes user communication even more. Teams from many disciplines, like marketing, creative, engineering, etc., can exchange announcements. A healthy exchange of information among teams will promote the development of a cohesive workplace culture.

Confluence Pricing 

For students and those who only need the most basic capabilities, the free subscription option is excellent. The standard is $57.50 and can accommodate up to 20,000 users. In addition to additional benefits, it includes all the features found in the free plan. The final choice costs $110 and has access to the entire toolkit for project management, security, and administrative control. You can access the enterprise option if you need support for the entire organization. Tools for data insights are also provided.

Confluence Demo 

A blog that offers instructions on how to utilize the Confluence platform in a way that works best for you is listed on the website. It also contains links to YouTube videos that serve as Confluence demos and helpful information. You can use the software and follow best practices right away, thanks to the demo.

Confluence Reviews 

The software has a fairly good rating online. Users have published a lot of positive reviews. A team’s talks, decisions, and other activities are all recorded in Atlassian Confluence, an online workspace. Google Apps is supported, and Jira integration is simple.

Final Analysis

This article brings forth all the important aspects of both Miro and Confluence. The pricing, demo, and reviews are enough to help one choose between the two. Your company’s needs should always be your first priority. So invest in a tool which is helpful and beneficial.