Must-Have Scrapbook Papers For Your Art Drawer

With the holiday season right around the corner, one can never have too much scrapbook paper. They come in handy in literally everything. Whether making greeting cards, DIY-ing gifts or even using them as wrapping paper, these attractive papers have got you covered. 

The trick to finding the best scrapbook paper is to find one on the basis of your purpose. Here are some must-have trendy patterns which will help you in every scrapbook-related situation.

Solid Color

You can never go wrong with some good old solid-colored scrapbook paper. These come in different colors, textures, and hardness. You should always go with your favorite color when buying solid-colored paper. You can easily draw on such paper to make it more beautiful as well. One should have a bunch of solid colored paper in different textures and hardness.

How To Use Them?

The best use for these papers is in making greeting cards or when journaling.

Glittery And Shimmery 

Glitters and shimmers are coming back to trend this year and for all the right reasons. Incorporating glitter into anything just makes it 10x better. 

How To Use Them?

They are mostly used as wrapping paper but you can be creative and make cutouts out of them to decorate your stuff as well.

Floral Pattern

If you are looking to buy paper a little more elegant, floral patterned scrapbook paper is your savior. These papers come with either white or solid-colored backgrounds with a gorgeous floral print on them. The trick is to find a paper where the colors and the pattern actually complement each other. 

How To Use Them?

Use them as wrapping paper but they look amazing as notebook covers as well.

Holiday Themed 

Holiday-themed scrapbook papers are every year’s Christmas go-to papers. You can never go wrong with traditions. Alluring red or green colored papers with reindeer, bells, and candy cane patterns are truly bewitching. They can put one in the holiday spirit in a matter of seconds. 

How To Use Them?

The best purpose of such papers is when wrapping Christmas presents for your loved ones or even if making a holiday-themed scrapbook. You can also use themed paper for making greeting cards. 

Striped Patterned

One may say that scrapbook paper with stripes as patterns is “basic”. Well, the new trend says otherwise. Nowadays, people go for a more minimalistic look. The statement “less is more” stands true in this situation. Some of the popular combinations are golden stripes with white background and pink stripes with a silver background.

How To Use Them?

They can be used as wrapping paper for more professional gifts or as a cover for art portfolios, notebooks, etc.

While this concludes the list of some of the scrapbook papers you need in your art drawer, here are some of the honorable mentions- bohemian-themed, pastel-colored, galaxy-themed, and check-patterned. While these could not make the list, you should definitely give them a shot. After all, one can never have too much scrapbook paper, right?

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