When choosing a company to install your new boiler, air source heat pump installations it’s understandable that most people like to shop around and do a little research. After all, a new boiler is a major investment in your central heating system,

So we thought we’d give you a few things to think about:

  1. Create a shortlist of national and local companies. When searching online, try typing “boiler installers” or “boiler installation” and do a few searches, some with the region added, some without. Keep in mind that a national installer is likely to be located in your area and may have access to a wider range of products than a smaller local company.
  2. Create a selection list with a maximum of 5 companies – you can expand the list at any time if necessary.
  3. Check out their websites. Obviously a small local business doesn’t have a very polished website, but if they don’t have a website at all, unless personally recommended, then you might be better off not using them. Check out the pages and see what you think. Do you have clear contact details? Is there a phone number
  4. Make a list of important criteria – we recommend you:

a. Are you Gas Safe registered? If not, don’t use them. b. when can they come to you If they can’t come out for three or four weeks, are you really willing to wait that long?
c. Which boilers fit? -It’s very easy to get confused as you’re not a boiler expert, but if they don’t match at least one of the top manufacturers ( Baxi , Worcester Bosch, Ideal or Potterton ) then ask yourself why.
i.e. how much do they charge Is there a call fee and if so how much is it?
e. Do you offer payment terms? Obviously, this might not be the case with a smaller local business, so it’s not necessarily a determining factor, but it’s worth checking out as it may be important to you.
f. How long have they been in operation? A company with a long track record can be more reliable and will certainly take care of its reputation. G. How much do they charge for the service? Most people are happy to return to them once they find someone reliable. Therefore, it is best to choose a company that offers you long-term service. H. What guarantee do they offer? The last thing you want when something goes wrong is for someone to be hard to reach.

  1. Call them all during office hours. We know it can be very subjective but you will know how you feel after talking to them. If in any doubt, use someone else. Kicking yourself afterwards because “something was wrong” won’t be very helpful.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask “stupid” questions. When confronted with someone who has more technical knowledge than you, it’s perfectly normal for people to feel insecure. But remember – they’re the experts, not you, so no question you can ask them is really stupid.
  3. Do they ask you any questions? – You really should take some time to find out what your needs are, otherwise how can you be sure that you are meeting them?

Significant investment

Buying a new boiler is a matter of business, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure you’re doing it right. Even if you think your boiler is working fine at the moment, it’s worth doing a little research.

For example, if you need to service your boiler, follow the steps above. If you’ve found someone reliable if your boiler fails and you need an emergency backup, you’ve already done the groundwork and know what to do in the dead of winter when you’re freezing!

Carillion Energy Services installs around 30,000 central heating and air source heat pump installations boiler systems a year, many on behalf of government initiatives, making it the second largest heating installer in the UK. We are a national company with locally based sales consultants, installation engineers and after sales service. Visit Carillion Energy Services for more information