Pre-Submission Checklist to Follow When Preparing MBA Assignments

Writing an assignment is a daunting task for a university student. It may be due to the workload of academic activities, part-time jobs, exams, and classes of multiple subjects. Because of the load, they do not find enough time to focus on the assignments and sometimes miss deadlines.

As an MBA student, you must prepare a flawless assignment to secure your marks. Do not consider any assignment as a piece of document. It can make or break your semester GPA. So, how are you planning to make your assignment effective?

There are multiple ways to write a top-notch assignment, but students usually forget the outline for assignment submission. There is more behind the curtain. This article will reveal the checklist you need to follow before submitting your MBA assignments.

Checklist to follow:

You may wonder how the topper students gain full marks in their assignments despite submission after the deadline. It is because they have followed all the minor details necessary for a good assignment presentation. If you are looking for tips to make your assignment flawless, you are at the right place.

Check the submission requirements:

When topics of your assignments are assigned, some questions and instructions are attached to them. Most students fail to follow the guidelines and sometimes deliberately ignore these rules. Requirements are set to judge the quality of assignment at the same parameter. So, if you have followed the instructions, you have passed the initial phase of submission.

Now talking about requirements means specific referencing style, font size, font style, word count limitations, page number restriction, questions, criteria to solve problems, and other details needed for MBA assignments. You must follow these rules and recheck the instructions before submission.

Understanding of the topic:

MBA covers subfields of management, economics, accounting, and more. Understanding the topic will lead you in the right direction. Make sure you identify which category the topic belongs to. For instance, if you are assigned to finance-related topics, read articles and books specifically for them.

An in-depth literature review and research will help you create an interesting outline. Ensure that you have a grip on the topic and add relevant, specific, and unique content. Moreover, answering problems comes from deep understanding. So, build up your stamina for reading and bring clarity to your assignment.

Relevancy of examples:

Before submitting MBA assignments, check the relevancy of examples, data, material, images, and content to enhance the quality of your assignment. The addition of suitable data will help you convey the assignment’s objectives more clearly. Ensure that the evidence you used in the assignment matches the title. You must carefully address the real-world applications and build a coherent story for your topic. It will create a good impression on the instruction and showcase your creative skills and knowledge.

Clear and accurate writing style:

Students may think strong vocabulary and language skills are essential for academic writing. Students must portray good writing ability; the assignment is an opportunity to showcase this skill. However, if you do not know English, it would be better to write using simple words. The important thing in an assignment is its readability. If you use technical words in an MBA assignment that are difficult to understand, this will cause a deduction in marks. Ensure that the writing style for your assignment is clear, accurate, and in describing tone. The clarity in writing enhances your assignment’s readability and communicates the goals more efficiently.

Check the sources:

Academic assignments need an authentic source of information. Students use random internet information to fit their assignment’s content to save time. Good assignments are judged based on the content quality and data source. Before submission of your MBA assignment, check the sources of information. Ensure you have added in-text citations in the assignment and added the required reference style. You may seek help for writing assignment from your colleagues and seniors for suggestions.

The source can be primary or secondary. Most academic documents prefer primary sources, such as research articles and papers. But you can also add secondary sources, such as surveys and interviews, if relevant to the topic.

Check the presentation of the assignment:

Before submitting MBA assignments, it would be best to check their representation. A good assignment is easy to understand at first glance. Make sure you have added relevant images and tables to summarise the context. Also, look for the formatting of the assignment. The title page should not have any mistakes, and the table of content should be adjusted properly. These small changes may seem insignificant to you, but they play a major role in grading.

Revision cycle:

Revising the assignment is key to perfectionism. Students neglect the importance of the revision cycle and submit their assignments before the deadline. Do not hurry for submission and fully avail the extra time limit for revision and proofreading of the assignment. Look for grammatical errors, punctuation, and tense mistakes. Proofread the document well and pinpoint any inappropriate points, outlines, and headings that need to be modified. Moreover, do proper formatting of the assignment before submission.

Plagiarism check:

Plagiarism compromises the originality of data. If your assignment’s content is similar to any other source, questions will raise about the authenticity of your data. It will leave a negative impact on the target audience. So before submitting an academic document, it is better to check the similarity index.


Students pursuing an MBA career most likely have the mindset of burden free and run away from MBA assignments, reports, and data analysis. These assignments and projects demand time, focus, and concentration to finish on time. Some things are technical when preparing the final draft of the assignment. It is better to submit the assignment late than to make it wrong and incorrect submission. This checklist is an ultimate guide for you to prepare your MBA assignment for submission. Only reading will not help; you need to implement to achieve better results.