OTT service providers and their key roles for business scalability  

Over-the-top services have become one of the important features for many industries. Companies with video content streaming in their software require robust security measures. It is the major reason they hire professional OTT service providers. Though, it is challenging to find out a worthy entity that can serve OTT features better according to the requirements. 

Moreover, there is a need to analyze the “why” of hiring such service providers. It requires constant research. Below mentioned two examples, explain it better:

1) If you have an ed-tech startup, you may prefer OTT media services for upgrading the app. It could include features like; digital rights management, high-quality educative content streaming, preventive measures against online theft, etc. 

2) In case, your business module has healthcare features, travel & tourism, fashion, etc. The requirements for hiring OTT service providers varies. Therefore, you could prefer only DRM support for protecting confidential information. 

The article shed light over the effectiveness of over-the-top services in the ed-tech industry. You would also get to know about the AWS partnership that makes the overall product development better. 

How are OTT Media services beneficial?

As mentioned in the above examples, each sector differs in consuming OTT services. In the educational sector, the major target sectors for ed-tech businesses are; students, educators, & educational institutions. 

Therefore, custom solutions are provided to such targeted audiences by ed-tech businesses. Custom software development, applications, resources, etc. are their major resources. Thus, b2b OTT service providers that can offer e-learning app solutions along with OTT features are preferred. 

Moreover, to gain a competitive advantage, tech innovations and R&D are two major areas of investment. Thus, let’s first understand what benefits do over-the-top service providers add to the ed-tech industry. 

1) Robust content security

There are multiple mobile app development companies that offer several IT-related solutions. OTT media services are one of them. Though, it also includes digital rights management. 

It is a technique to protect online content streaming from theft & unauthorized access. Here are some ways DRM helps in content protection:

  1. Restricts devices for accessing premium content
  2. Limits no. of time for consuming content
  3. Prohibits editing & re-sharing content for illegal selling

OTT service providers also offer such measures to help ed-tech companies improve their content security. 

2) High-quality content streaming

Secondly, it is crucial for companies to give high-quality streaming services. As this sector is highly competitive, any tech glitches in streaming could result in an audience shift to competitors’ services. 

3) AWS partnership

It is not mandatory for all providers to have certified AWS partnerships. Therefore, AWS solutions are rare to find while hiring b2b over-the-top providers. 

There are more than 200 AWS solutions that help several brands. In the educational sector, there are various problems that get resolved through AWS. 

AWS live class software development, elemental live, CloudFront, etc. help in creating the e-learning software the best performing one. 

4) Content storage gets resolved

OTT service providers along with AWS partnership provide custom e-learning software development. To name a few, VideoCrypt, offers personalized amazon web services for e-learning companies.

From AWS cloud compounding & storage, a robust content delivery network to quality streaming services with security measures, VideoCrypt could prove to be the best fit for your ed-tech business.  

Such features influence brands to outsource & hire b2b providers with AWS partnership & OTT media services. 

5) Watermarking for protecting content ownership

Similar to DRM, watermarking also helps in improving security measures. In the digital world, securing content ownership is a significant challenge. Moreover, premium educational content gets stolen & re-sold/shared which hampers profitability. 

Therefore, professional OTT service providers offer robust watermarking. It has inseparability, meaning the original content cannot be separated from the original source. Impeccability secures content ownership. 

Steps to follow while hiring experts for your e-learning software

1) Internal Research

You need to first analyze your requirements. So analyze your business and find out what services you need to outsource. It would help you identify what specific service you need in your entity.  

2) Services offered

Later, shortlist the companies that can give you the mentioned benefits. Find out their services and work methodology. Consult with companies to know how their services can benefit you. 

3) Security Measures

DRM & watermarking are services offered by companies with proven technical proficiency. OTT service providers have customer testimonials & portfolios mentioning how they offered in the past. Thus, I prefer analyzing that.  

4) Growth Analysis

While outsourcing, companies mention the complete roadmap of how they would take your brand further. Thus, when you hire professionals, consult over your business analysis, though, it might not be necessary that every company conducts a growth analysis. But, do find it out while conducting the hiring process. 

Wrap Up

The article shows what benefits can be generated by hiring professionals OTT service providers. Also, following the mentioned steps of outsourcing such a service can create the best performing app for your business. At last, we also recommend a product that is developed by AppSquadz, a top mobile application development company.

VideoCrypt, offers b2b solutions for your e-learning business. From a certified AWS partnership to custom OTT features, you get to have productive solutions.