Top 5 Places To Visit Near Delhi


As we all know Delhi Is India’s capital. Anyone visiting India from abroad must visit Delhi. However, Delhi is also home to many interesting places that can be accessed from Delhi.


We have to start with the most beautiful place near Delhi, Neemrana preserves heritage. It is an amazing place that you can visit with your family. You can swim zip-lining and see the sunset from there.

Category: Heritage tour, Family Holiday.

Distance to the main city: 139 km.

The best time to visit is from July to March


Mathura, where Lord Krishna was born, is a must-see. This temple is a beautiful place where your family can spend quality time looking at and visiting the temple. You and your family can spend spiritual time there.

Distance from the main city: 162 km

The best time to visit is October through April.

Jim Corbett National Park.

Jim Corbett National Park is for wildlife lovers who love nature and wildlife. You can go on a jungle safari with your friends in a jeep and see elephants, tigers, and other animals.Also visit Jim Corbett resorts

Distance to main city- 242km

November to June is the best time to visit

Bharatpur National park!

Bharatpur National Park is a beautiful place where you can see many birds. It also has a wide variety of flowers. This park is a paradise for bird lovers.

Distance from the main city: 202 km.

The best time to visit is October-March

Fatehpur Sikri!

Fatehpur Sikri, a Mogul Empire heritage, was built in the Mogul Dynasty. If you’re interested in history and want to see it, you can click photos at any location and their architecture will amaze you.

Distance from the main city: 222 km

The best time to visit is from October to March.

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Haridwar Haridwar is famous for its temples and gods. Every 12 years, lakhs of people visit Haridwar to pray for their families.

Distance to main city- 220 km


We all know the name Agra. The Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the World, is a famous landmark. You can visit it from Delhi.


Vrindavan, the land of Krishna, has a beautiful Temple that depicts Lord Krishna’s greatness and depicts him. By visiting Vrindavan, you will experience the spirit of Krishna’s childhood.Also visit our resort in ramnagar.

Distance to the main city – 202 km.

Best Time to Visit- October to February