Pros and Cons of Commercial Solar Systems

We are already familiar with the term ‘solar’ or ‘solar panels’ from the past few years. Solar is a type of energy that we get from the sun. The most amazing point about this solar energy is that it is totally free!! The sun charges us nothing for giving such a useful and powerful source of energy.

All around the world, more and more people are now turning towards solar energy to perform different tasks including production of electricity to be on the top. Solar systems are becoming popular at both residential and commercial levels. Businesses and organisations also understand the beneficial features of solar panels and solar systems. That is why they are turning to solar to reduce the bills and operating costs and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses.

With every passing year, more and more businesses are installing solar systems at their facilities. Those companies who are already running on solar energy are even adding more to get the most out of this useful resource of energy.

Pros and Cons of Commercial Solar Systems

Though commercial solar systems are considered to be very beneficial by companies and businesses because of the great features and uses it offers. However every system has some drawbacks as well. Same is true for commercial solar systems as well. There are some drawbacks along with the many advantages of commercial solar panels. Pros and cons of commercial solar panels are discussed below.

Pros of Commercial Solar Panels

1. Reduced Operating Costs

Many companies realise that installation of commercial solar panels have reduced the energy bills drastically. However some companies believe that a commercial solar system is an expensive option as its initial cost is really high but if you compare it with the long term benefits of commercial solar systems; you will find out that the high initial cost will be worth it. The maintenance cost is also not very high as it requires maintenance after years of installation and use.

2. Renewable Source of Energy

Sun is the main provider and source of solar energy. It has been here since the very beginning of life and the existence of planet earth and it is not going to go anywhere any time soon. Therefore this source is considered to be a renewable source of energy. It is not like the fossil fuels that will eventually diminish with time. The sun is expected to be with us for a very long time.

3. Eco- Friendly Option

Many companies are shifting to commercial solar systems due to its eco-friendly nature. It does not emit any radiation like other sources of energy production, for example fossil fuels. That is why solar systems are considered eco friendly and environment friendly options. This is a fact that using solar energy does not cause any pollution. This helps in reducing the harmful greenhouse gases.

4. Easy Installation Space

Solar panels installation requires sufficient roof space. Therefore it becomes a problem for those who live in apartments or small roofed houses. However this is not an issue in case of commercial solar. Companies have mostly got enough space on the roof of their building for the installation of solar panels making the installation easy and hassle free.

5. Less Noisy

Another important advantage of solar panels is that they do not create any noise while operating or producing energy. Therefore they are not only eco friendly because they do not emit any carbon in the environment, but also because they are not causing any kind of noise pollution. This feature of solar panels also makes it the favourite for many companies who want to show them as an environmentally friendly company in the eyes of its customers.

Disadvantages of Commercial Solar Systems

1. Difference in Quality

All commercial panels are not made of the same quality. They have different qualities that affect the overall performance and efficiency of the panel and solar systems. Companies should focus and choose the best brand in the market to buy their panels so that quality issues could be sorted. There are three types of panels available in the market. Companies can choose out of these three. They are monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film panels. Each of them has different features and performance.

2. Extra Cost for Storage Devices

All of us are aware of the fact that the sun is not available in the night time. If you also want to use devices on solar in the night time, you need to add storage devices with your commercial solar system to store solar energy. The devices will be batteries that will store the solar power in the day time when the sun will be there and you will be able to use that power in the night time. This adds an extra cost to the total cost of a commercial solar system.

Final Thoughts

The earth is going through drastic climate changes due to the many factors through which our environment has become polluted. Therefore now is the right time to choose environment friendly sources of energy to help save the earth as much as possible.