Punjabi Chaap Corner Franchise In Canada

A vegetarian restaurant serving wholesome, guilt-free meals in Canada is called The Punjabi Chaap Corner. They support the preservation of animal lives and animal protection. They provide vegan meat alternatives at their restaurant as a result.

Their in-house team of chefs can add vegetarian meat to practically any non-vegetarian dish. In order to satisfy people’s appetites for meat, the Punjabi Chaap Corner was established. Vegan chaaps have a meat-like flavor. It is a pleasure to speak with the entire staff at Punjabi Chaap Corner. You will truly experience Punjab when you will eat their chaps or kebabs.

Punjabi Chaap Corner

An exciting and delicious range of chaaps is offered by the new vegetarian and meat restaurant known as Punjabi Chaap Corner. Visit Punjabi Chaap Cornernearmefor some guilt-free vegetarian meat meals if you are a vegan who yearns for meat. Their mouthwatering vegetarian BBQ cuisine sans the meat will undoubtedly win you over.

Punjabi Chaap Corner Food Menu

Every item on the menu at Punjabi Chaap Corner is not only savory and mouthwatering but also wholesome and nourishing. Every item they prepare, including the kebabs, mouthwatering tandoori tikkas, vegetarian rolls, and momos, is made with fresh ingredients and vegetables.

The Soya Chaap, Tandoori Momos, Masala Chaap, Tandoori Chaap, Paneer Butter Masala, Tawa Chaap, Masala Soya Chaap, and other dishes are among the most well-liked and well-known dishes at Punjabi Chaap Corner. Following are the popular items of their menu:

Malai Chaap – $14.49

Amritsari Chaap – $14.49

Malai Chaap Roll – $12.99

Tandoori Momos – $13.99

Crunchy Momos – $13.99

This location offers a wide variety of amazing Chaap. If you love chaap and live in the GTA, this is the spot for you. Food of extremely high quality is available at a very good price. There are numerous chaaps to try, and they all have different tastes. The gravy is prepared using high-quality paneer and other ingredients, which gave the food a particularly deep flavor.

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Punjabi Chaap Corner’s menu includes four types of desserts; gulab jamun, gajar halwa, and ras malai. and moon daal halwa.

Rasmalai with 2pc spongy steamed dumpling ($3.49)

This delicious delicacy is so tender it almost melts in your mouth. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, it is a well-liked South Asian dessert. The dessert is frequently served chilled and is well-liked throughout the holiday season and at weddings. It is regarded as a luxurious dessert food. With dried fruit and cardamom seed powder as garnishes, this dessert is served cold. Additionally, gold or silver leaf might be used to adorn it.

Gajar Halwa ($3.99)

The most well-known Indian dessert, “Gajar ka Halwa,” is thought to have come from Punjab. Gajar ka halwa can only be described as delightfully scrumptious. Who came up with the brilliant idea to prepare carrots as a delicious dessert by cooking them with sugar, milk, and ghee until the milk dried up? During the winter, it is a delectable treat.

Moong Daal Halwa ($5.99)

A traditional sweet dish called moong daal halwa is prepared with moong lentils, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder. This halwa is not only flavorful but also fragrant. Its particular qualities include a mouth-melting texture and an exceptional scent and flavor.

Punjabi Chaap Corner Services

Additionally, with a meat-free menu, they provide a sizable selection of vegetarian options. Fine dining, delivery, and order from home are just a few of the alternatives they provide to customers. For your cravings for non-vegetarian food, they are the ideal spot.

They prepare excellent, wholesome, and mouthwatering plant-based meat meals that are expertly cooked in one of the cleanest kitchens. Every order is based on a commitment to provide warm, delectable cuisine at reasonable costs, with the best customer satisfaction. They pay close attention to how every item is packaged, even for home delivery and takeout.

Their menu is frequently updated, and we frequently add new vegan meat meals. Everything is available in the Punjabi Chaap Corner, whether it be appetizers, entrées, or sweets.

Delivery Services

In Mississauga, Uber Eats offers delivery from Punjabi Chaap Corner. Enter your address to see whether Punjabi Chaap Corner delivery is available near you since it may not be accessible everywhere in Mississauga. Both the Uber Eats app and the Uber Eats website can be used to place an order.

Simply select the products you want to order and add them to your cart after perusing the Punjabi Chaap Corner menu. After that, you can examine, place, and follow the progress of your order.


It is entirely up to you and your preferences what you think is ideal at Punjabi Chaap Corner. Consider experimenting with one of the popular food items listed in this guide. If you need some motivation. Consider visiting Punjabi Chaap Corner if you enjoy Indian chaap (soybean) a lot.