Space Fiction Books That You Should Definitely Read

Do you often find yourself lost in thoughts of objects of the outer world or space? Do you love reading the updates provided by NASA? These all signs prove that your preferred genre in movies is space fiction. But movies generally show a lot of happenings and leave much less space for imagination. Therefore, one needs to read a book.

Books are one of the wonderful things created by mankind. Once you explore the fun of reading books, we don’t think you would ever get enough of it. The explanations provided by the writers are top-notch and it leaves greater room for imagination. Don’t believe us? Well, let me introduce you to some of the best space fiction books that you should definitely read.

Across The Universe:

If you’re a beginner, what would be better than reading Beth Revis’s passionate work? The storyline revolves around a seventeen-year old young girl Amy whose parents set out on a crucial journey to colonize a new planet. The book excellently covers the dilemma of the girl to leave her extended family members, friends, and boyfriend behind to be a part of it.

The journey was going smooth until someone unplugged her cryogenic pod and tried to kill her, leading to abruptly woke her up from the dream. The book is the first series of a trilogy by the American writer. The book will give you a major space movie 1992 feels. What do you think Amy will do? Will she be able to track down the murderer before she murders her? Read it now to find out.

Red Rising:

A classical space fiction approach by Pierce Brown with a pinch of the real-life issue (casteism), a book that you should read. The story is set in the future where humanity has been divided into a caste system. The storyline revolves around the narrator Darrow who works in the mines on Mars like every other Red (an inferior class of people).

Things change when Darrow and other reds learn the fact that Mars has been habitable from ever and they have been lied to, exploited, and betrayed. This led to the quests for justice and power. What do you think; will Darrow be able to change this caste system? Tell us in the comments.

Fate Of Flames:

A wonderful book by Sarah Roughlay which will excite every nerve of yours. The story is set in the past when phantoms, beasts, and other terrors began appearing in the world out of nowhere. To protect the world, four girls called Effigies appeared, each possessing the power to control an element.

The story takes a dramatic turn when on the death of one Effigy, a quiet, young girl with few friends and nearly no family ‘Maria’ is chosen to become the next Fire Effigy. A man with the power to control Phantom arrives. Seems like Maria has more mysteries to solve, protect the citizens, and get aligned with other Effigies. Will she be able to do that? Find it out now.

2001: A Space Odyssey:

Do you want to explore something that will just be a question of whether is fiction real or fake? Well, read Arthur C.Clarke’s work. 2001: A Space Odyssey, a book later turned into a movie that gained many praises and appreciation should be a must-read on your list. The book takes you to a technological-advanced era of science where a group of astronauts sets on a mission to investigate the truth of the monolith signals they have been receiving from the moon. Will they be able to learn the truth or will they get stuck in the universe forever?

That’s all readers. Hope you find this Space Fiction book lists useful!