Tips For Picking The Best Plus Size Swimsuit

Every woman has a unique body that requires the most flattering swimwear to suit her body type. Curvy or plus-sized bodies have diverse variations, and these differences can be easily noticed. Curvy size is one of the basic body types, so you can follow the same tips for shopping. When it comes to choosing swimwear, they need to be extra careful.

It is all about having adequate knowledge about curvy womens swimwear features. From high-waisted bikinis to underwire support and tummy control, the essential attributes of the swimwear allow you to create a proportional look. 

Tag along with the simple steps before initiating the quest for the best swimsuits available in the market.

Things you should do before commencing the swimsuit search

Take bust, hip, and waist measurements clearly, which is vital for finding a suitable bathing suit. You can check the size chart to make the proper selection.

You can wear old swimsuits to check how well they fit. If they are too tight, choose one bigger than your current size. You can select a size smaller if the swimsuits are loose.

When you have the measurements right, it is time to begin the search. Several styles are available in the market, including one-piece, two-piece, and more. You will easily find curvy women’s swimwear as thousands of designs are curated to fit plus-size women.

A style that suits a larger waistline

  • Ruffles especially angled designs, look the best on women with a broad waistline. This design grabs the attention downward, and away from the waist, so you can go for the ruffles. Moreover, the ruffled style remains feminine yet flattery, and it necessitates every woman to prefer ruffle designs confidently.
  • Besides ruffles, you can try shirrings to display a slimming effect. Whether you go for front or side shirrings, they will help you create the illusion of an hourglass figure.
  • Many bathing suits are available with the tag “tummy control”, which can help people hold their waist tight. However, the wearer won’t feel discomfort, and the swimsuits ensure a slimming effect.
  • Empire waist bathing suits are ideal for pear-shaped body types. The clothing piece will be a little loose in the tummy area, and you will view this type of style in various tankinis and swim dresses.

Large lower waist

  • Swim dresses are considered the ideal choice to hide large bottoms, as skirts can make your waist look small.
  • From shorts to bikini bottoms and swim skirts, high waist bottoms divert the scrutiny of the lower half. You can confidently select flattering swimwear bottoms with large waists.
  • A unitard is another design that helps people with thicker thighs, and you can opt for bold prints, which create an illusion of smaller hips and thighs.

Styles that suit bigger bust

  • If you desire to flatter the upper body, invest in swimsuits with high necklines. Tankinis are considered ideal for such body types, and embellishments like armholes make the chest look smaller as the hip is accentuated more.
  • Sweetheart necklines do wonders for top-heavy frames, and it will be easier to flatter huge busts. You can combine a sweetheart neckline and tankini style for complete support. You should always pay attention to solid colors and prints in the selection process.

Wrapping up

Gone are the days when women had to hunt down the best swimsuit that suited plus size or curvy body type. Enough choices are available in the market, and a little research will help you source the best swimsuit style.