Tips for Using Photos on Your Business Website

A good web design has to be accompanied by good photos. Although, as an entrepreneur you focus on the content, a picture is worth a thousand words.

It is true that by having good photos that match your business, you can increase conversions.

Imagine that you enter a website and it has pixelated photos that do not catch you at the beginning. Or maybe the website is great but the photos aren’t right for your business. This is very common to see.

If you plan to redesign your website, it is reasonable that you want to include a photo session done by a friend or by hiring a professional. The word session is already a little scary, but I assure you that there is nothing to fear behind this.

By having some tips and a good photographer, you will be able to achieve unique photos at the height of your business that will connect much better with your audience than a photo taken from stock. Take that for granted.

Being able to coordinate the work on content, high-contrast images, and design is key to a successful redesign.

Be Authentic

Don’t be afraid to show your personality. I understand that selling face-to-face and giving a sales talk is not the same as selling online.

You must show in your photos, both personal and that of your team, what they are doing and what they are like. It is important that you capture the work environment and what it feels like to work with you.


It is important that when doing a photo session, you take several different photographs. You can vary the angle of the photograph, and use different backgrounds, and textures.

It’s good that you have variety so that you can not only think about the website but also have photos for other purposes.

Before carrying out the photo session it is important to know what the objective of each one will be and where it will be located on the site.

Therefore you can get a variety of photographs for your cover, for the About Me page, and others that reflect what you want to offer in your services.

Remember that you always have to think: What do I want to show my client? What is my goal with this photo?


We all find it difficult to show a natural image when we have a camera in front of us. The important thing here is to know what we want to convey and what values ​​we want to show.

Each position is going to say something. You can come across as trustworthy and friendly, or you may want to show that you are professional and relaxed.


You must think about the color palette of your visual identity. You are not going to wear fluorescent colors when your business is rather serious. Rather strong colors are better related to fashion.

Remember to use colors that also match the color of your skin. If you plan to take photos outdoors, try not to use very wild or varied colors, so that later you don’t regret it or it doesn’t fit with the design.

The key is to always think about where the image will be located on the website.

Hire a Professional

If you are thinking about hiring a photographer for your new website, you mustn’t rush or jump ahead.

Many clients already have some photographs beforehand. But if you plan to undertake a complete redesign, talk to your designer first to see how to ensure you have good photos aligned with the design.

Not only will you save money, but you will be able to optimize the photographer’s work because you are clear about what you are looking for.