Tobacco Brand with Blank Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

A cigarette is one of the most consumed products in the tobacco industry. There is prevailing cutthroat competition among the brands. Do you wish to elevate the status of the tobacco brand? Our wholesale cardboard blank cigarette boxes can help mark your brand out from competitors. Please don’t wait and contact us now to avail yourself of our remarkable services at affordable prices.

Endless Customized Design Solutions for Cigarette Box Packaging:

We customize the package with personalized solutions to make your cigarette packaging alluring and eye-grabbing. We allow our clients to pick up whatever suits their product’s requirements. The best thing about customization is that you can select the package style, its material, printing, colour schemes, and add-ons. The construction of a box with exclusive printing designs and artwork makes packaging more tempting and grabs customers’ attention. 

Customized Cigarette Boxes in Diverse Designs and Styles:

Cardboard cigarette boxes wholesale is easy to transform into any shape and size. Cardboard stock is flexible and easy to mould and assemble as well. Today, smokers are attracted by the packaging of the box. Our designers can create any package. You must let our team know about the requirements and can obtain a high-end box in return. Flip tops, trays, and sleeves are the most popular styles of cigarette boxes. We print sleeves with different colour shades and the logo on customers’ demands to identify the brand’s image. Besides this, we apply laminations to give the finishing touch to the package. 

Act Safe and Green with Kraft and Cardboard Paper Packaging:

Global warming is under heated discussion due to its rising threats. Are you dreaming of making your brand climate-friendly? Kraft and cardboard paper are the most appropriate options to give natural vibes to tobacco brands. You can recycle cardboard and kraft packaging and play a part in reducing carbon footprints. Besides this, cigarettes are breakable and exposed to sunburn and moisture. Blank cardboard cigarette boxes keep cigarettes intact and secure from the harsh condition weather. On the other hand, corrugated is studier than cardboard. Corrugated boxes are helpful for the safe shipment of delicate products.

Choose Advanced Printing Methods for Incredible Packaging: 

Printing of a package alters the overall look of the box. What if you are selling best-quality cigarettes in ordinary and boring packaging? It will decrease the worth of the products. Customers focus more on the exterior of the packaging rather than looking at its inside. The cardboard is print-friendly and operatable for printing. To produce magnificent cardboard cigarette box wholesale, we apply offset and digital. And in colour schemes, we have CMYK and PMS. If you want to keep the packaging simple, you can do no printing. 

Use of Breathtaking Coatings for Long-Lasting Packaging:

A large number of people need to be made aware of the importance of the coatings. After the complete printing process, their application makes packaging resistible and eye-catchy. Most clients look for smooth and elegant boxes, and matt laminations give a soft and velvety touch to the surface of the packaging. It is tolerable to any external damage like scuffs, stains, marks, etc. if you have to give a glowing and gleaming appearance, then gloss lamination will be an appropriate option. Gloss adds shimmery touch and produces effective colours. For a softer and shinier look, spot UV is an attractive choice. On the other hand, aqueous is a waterproof coating resistant to moisture and heat, etc.

Choose Finishings and Add-Ons Options for the Adornment of Package:

For the enhancement and glorification of the box, we employ a broad range of embellishments and add-ons. In finishings, we have:

Embossing/debossing: we emboss and deboss the logo to make colours more solid and transparent. Embossing lifts a particular design of the packaging. While debossing functions opposite to it. It makes designs more recessed. 

Foil stamping: foil in silver and gold foiling gives a sophisticated packaging appearance and makes it more elegant and classier.

In contrast to finishings, add-ons give extra protection and enhance the product’s value. For example, cardboard and foam inserts keep Cigarettes in their place and secure from bumps. At the same time, window cut-outs display the products professionally in front of the audience.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

Our company has a renowned position in the packaging industry. Our packaging staff consists of skillful designers competent enough to craft any package following your requirements. We make sure to utilize superb quality and 100% material for long-lasting packaging. Besides this, for the satisfaction and validation of clients, we give free of cost 3D design mock-ups. However, you can call us any time to place an order, as our customer service team is available 24 hours a to assist you.