Top 5 Business Consulting Companies in Canada

Whether you are looking for a Business consulting firm to help you create a strategy for your business or are just curious about the ones that exist in the industry, there are a number of different options. This article will provide a few of the top companies that are available to you, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


NORSTRAT is a group of enterprises created by former military officers and business executives in Northern Canada. The aim of the group is to match government needs with the North Strategy.

The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. It is funded by the Canadian government. Founded in early 2010,has grown to become a top provider of Northern development advice. The firm offers a complete suite of services.

It provides consulting services to companies, organizations, and governments. These services include campaign strategies, campaign planning, and marketing plans. It also helps companies develop online platforms. Using these services, companies can achieve their business objectives.

Norst has a lot of experience working with the government. It also works with small businesses. Its employees have a lot of experience in the public sector, government relations, and campaign strategies.

The Boston Consulting

Founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963, the Boston Consulting Group has emerged as one of the largest management consultancies in the world. With offices across the globe, BCG specializes in strategy, corporate finance, consumer insight, and digital economy. This firm is also renowned for its innovative approach to leadership consulting.

It’s no secret that management consulting firms are in high demand. This competition for top talent is crucial to the success of consulting firms in Canada.

To determine which companies are the best, we took a look at the firms’ credentials. The firms that we looked at were ranked according to their performance on several key metrics, including the quality of their compensation packages, their culture, and their impact at their clients.

Bain & Company.

Founded in 1973, Bain & Company is a global management consulting firm that provides guidance to companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The firm offers services in a wide range of areas, including customer strategy and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, performance improvement, and corporate renewal. A number of awards have been bestowed upon the firm, including being ranked one of the “best places to work” by Glassdoor in 2022.

The firm has more than 13,000 employees, with 63 offices in 38 countries. The firm’s Toronto office is the largest of its four Canadian locations and works with Fortune 500 companies as well as leading Canadian and international non-profit organizations.

In addition to being a top business consulting firm, Bain & Company also offers its employees several perks, such as a six-month rotational term for new undergrad hires after two years, a comprehensive benefits package, and a fun company culture. They even have a pro bono program where employees can donate their time to non-profit organizations.


Mercer is the world’s largest provider of human resources consulting services. The firm’s impressive 25,000 employees are scattered around the globe in 44 countries and territories. The firm has a robust suite of products and services spanning the human capital spectrum, from talent acquisition and remuneration to performance improvement and benefits administration. It is also one of the largest delegated service providers in the world. In fact, it managed to generate US$4.3 billion in revenue in the last three years.

Aside from its plethora of services, the firm is also the largest provider of training and certifications in the world. This may explain why Mercer is named the world’s leading provider of employee benefits by the Human Resources Management Association (HRMA). The company also ranked as the top provider of employee benefits in the FTSE 100. Among other services, Mercer is the largest provider of HR and remuneration consulting, training and certifications, and executive coaching.


Whether you’re looking to expand your business, improve your operations, or implement new technology, one of these top business consulting firms in Canada can help. These firms have years of experience, and they specialize in a wide variety of industries and services.

Founded in 1913, PwC has been helping organizations in Canada improve their operations. PwC offers a wide variety of business services. Its team of experts specialize in many industry categories, and they are available around the clock. Whether you need assistance implementing new technology, improving your bottom line, or bringing a new business plan to fruition, PwC can help.

Deloitte offers comprehensive, integrated business services. The company has an extensive network of offices across Canada. They work with four out of five Fortune Global 500 companies. The firm has a long history of delivering successful outcomes for its clients.