Top 5 Career Management Platforms

Career management software enables employees to visualize their potential paths within an organization, increasing their quality of life at work while motivating them to remain committed to the company.

Managers can utilize 92Career to have effective career discussions with their employees and identify development opportunities for their teams.


Paycor provides one of the most comprehensive HCM software suites on the market, featuring top-of-the-line applicant tracking, payroll processing, HR management and employee onboarding solutions – all under one unified platform to streamline processes from hiring through retirement.

Onboarding features of this system include self-serve employee portal, document templates and training. Employees can also easily access their benefits information, request time off or clock in while on the move. The Core plan is the most popular choice at $199 monthly plus $8 per employee monthly with extensive payroll + HR features.

Paycor support personnel oversee the initial product setup and new users are trained prior to going live with the system. The platform offers great customizability while being user friendly.


Bridge is a career management platform that assists employees with overseeing and tracking their careers and performance, while offering managers an analytics tool to monitor employee progress and identify areas for improvement. Features available through Bridge include goal setting, skill assessment and training resources.

Software solutions like JobVista(r) can assist organizations in improving internal mobility by offering a clear view of future job opportunities and decreasing employee turnover rates by helping employees find roles that better suit their skills and interests. Furthermore, JobVista can boost morale and productivity by giving workers an incentive to stay within their company.


DevSkiller’s two main products, TalentScore and TalentBoost, enable hiring professionals and teams to efficiently assess candidates’ digital skills. TalentScore allows users to design custom coding challenges suited to specific roles; real-life tools are used to evaluate candidate performance while devSkiller also includes anti-cheating measures and quality controls to monitor candidate performances.

DevSkiller also features the ability to track candidates and perform bulk actions, customizable email templates, integration with popular ATS/HR systems and support for multiple assessment formats including multiple-choice questions and CodePair assessments. Furthermore, DevSkiller boasts over 5,000 tasks available to test coding languages frameworks and libraries – great features!

Insala Mentoring

Insala Mentoring is a software platform designed to aid administrators and human resource professionals in finding mentors for employees, trainees, and students. Participants may select between individual or group mentoring sessions – plus support is offered for various languages!

Insala offers more than just software – they also offer consulting and training services for mentoring programs. Their mentoring readiness workshop helps organizations assess if their mentoring programs are ready to launch while their mentoring consulting workshop helps participants establish objectives and best-practice plans for their mentoring programs.

Qooper Mentoring Software is one of the world’s premier mentoring and career connectivity platforms. Its powerful matching algorithms make setting up and launching programs effortless while its curated content and auto-reminder features enhance engagement – not to mention being easy-to-use and highly customizable!


Paddle is a talent and succession management platform designed to assist businesses in retaining, developing and analyzing employee skills as well as create career paths and track internal mobility.

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Talent Cloud

Talent Clouds are vibrant communities that enable organizations to connect with contingent workers. By matching relevant candidates to specific upcoming roles and already familiar with their brand, this allows companies to offer candidates an exceptional candidate experience.

Deep Match offers a range of features, such as deep matching algorithms that quickly identify the ideal developers for each job. Furthermore, this platform tracks a candidate’s progression throughout each step of the hiring process while at the same time giving access to other career opportunities at once. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface is easy for candidates and organizations alike.