Top Dissertation Topics for Quick Approval

You never hear a student saying that they composed a dissertation easily. Every student knows about the ups and downs they have to go through while writing research. However, you may find one thing similar among all student problems, topic selection. It is no doubt a challenging phase in a research task. Why? Because everything depends upon topic selection. If you choose a poor topic, you will end up ruining your time and effort. That is why most students also hire Online Exam Help Services services and ask their Ph.D. experts to help them choose a topic.

Hiring an online academic help service is an excellent solution too because they have highly qualified experts who can help you. However, if you think sensibly, the topic selection process can be easy. This article will offer you some of the top dissertation topics for quick approval from supervisors. However, first, you have to understand what actually a dissertation is.

What is a Dissertation?

You probably have written uncountable essays and letters in your academic life. However, a dissertation task only comes at the end of a doctoral program. This task is lengthy, daunting, and demands students years of effort. If you wonder how long a dissertation is, know it can reach above 40,000 words. Also, you get a deadline of two or three years to complete this task. However, you cannot earn a degree without submitting it, which makes it a vital task.

Besides, students struggle to choose a topic for their research work, which is okay. There is no doubt that the topic selection process is challenging. However, what if I suggest to you some of the top research topics and make things easy? Sounds good right? That is what I am going to do in this post to make things convenient for you.

Top Dissertation Topics for Quick Approval

Students these days have a lot of things to deal with, from finding a good internship to maintaining academic performance. Among these duties, there lie academic tasks. Also, if the task turns out to be a research final task, you are doomed. Most students get puzzled about what to do when they face a research task. It happens because they have no idea of dealing with it. Well, we are here to help you by offering the top dissertation topic ideas to get you quick approval.

I believe you are one of those students who are worried about their research because they have no ideas to work on. Well, this article has some of the best topics to offer for different areas of education. So, read it till the end to find a suitable research topic. Whether you are from the medical or science field, here are the best-ever topics you can work on in your research task.

Health and Wellbeing Topics

Health and well-being are fields that will never stop evolving because, each year, we face a new disease. Thus, it makes this field volatile and easy to work on. You can find a dozen excellent topics in this field for research and impress your supervisors. Thus, if you are curious to get some topic ideas related to health and wellbeing, below are the top ones.

  • Why laser surgery is more efficient than normal endosurgery: What is the difference and benefits of both
  • Should people use local clinics for regular checkups instead of hospitals?
  • How natural remedies are all sense better than artificial medications
  • Should people live with scars or go for plastic surgery
  • Does home care can be beneficial for severe conditioned patients

Technological Topics

We will never run out of technological topics due to the pace of digitalization. If you realize it, you will find perhaps hundreds of brilliant topics in the technology field. Thus, if you are a science student, you should not be roaming with an empty mind. If so, here are some crucial technological research topics.

  • How Windows operating system became the giant among other systems
  • Android or iOS, which will take over in the future
  • The advantages and disadvantages of working to make artificial intelligence common
  • How Cloud computing is helping us
  • How blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFT work

School Topics

Every year, we get to hear about a new incident that takes place in the school factor. Whether it is about a poor education system or a school shooting, there are many things to research on education. Thus, why not you think of picking a topic from the domain of education itself for your research? If you change your mind, here are some research topic ideas you can present to the world to make the schooling community better.

  • How saving money as a student can help them throughout their academic life
  • Should students work part-time or full-time jobs alongside handling academics
  • Why students should avoid private schools private schools
  • Should students these days use digital books to save money and trees
  • The worth of online college degree programs after the event of the covid-19
  • Why extracurricular activities are beneficial for students
  • Which is better: online or on-campus learning
  • Will there be no clue about traditional learning in the future?
  • Academic writing or creative writing: which one is excellent pursue a career
  • Long-term disadvantages of online learning
  • Why Finland’s education system is considered one of the finest globally
  • Will schools start using augment and virtual reality at the end of 2030


Topic selecting is a challenging stage in a research task. However, there are many ways to make it doable, such as hiring Online Course Help services and asking their Ph.D. experts to suggest some good topics for dissertations. Else, you can pick one topic from the above and start working on it. See? You have to be sensible to find solutions to your problems. Panicking over your issues will not save you from them.

Besides, I hope you will thrive on your final research task and impress your supervisors with your brilliant topic selection. However, you may need to spend some days or a month research the topics you are passionate about. Anyway, the time you spend researching will help you get outclass results.