Top Marketing Ideas To Make Your Amazon Store A Success

Topping the list of US companies spending the maximum amount on R&D with nearly $23 billion and leaving behind giants like Alphabet, Intel, Microsoft, and Apple, Amazon’s far-sighted innovation-centric objectives are something to vouch for! Besides, there are several advantages of selling globally on Amazon, one of which is making your products available to a global buying audience and broadening the customer base with distinguished offerings. However, to accomplish this, you must make your listings captivating to the global customers by incorporating well-optimized listing elements viz., product titles, features, benefits, product descriptions, prices, and product photos. With successful listings of your products in bulk, you can make your offerings visible to a global audience and boost sales and conversions in no time!

Why To Market?

Amazon’s seller base and algorithms are evolving by the day.
Due to an increasing number of sellers, the visibility and the conversion rate are viable to suffer.
The rising competition is reason enough for sellers to strongly engage with Amazon with the help of aggressive marketing.

Post-Amazon product listing, advertising and marketing are also necessary to get your product pages ranked.

1. Amazon Marketing Services

Get your product in front of the potential customers on Amazon
Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
Leverage the AMS to get your product featured with PPC Ads

Below are the three types of Amazon PPC ads explained.

1. Sponsored Product ads

Sponsored Product Ads are a type of PPC ad campaign that appears at the top, within, or alongside the Amazon page. It may contain your different products, product images, or any other important product detail.

2. Sponsored Brands ads

You can use Sponsored Brands ads to increase the visibility of your brand and reach the maximum number of customers. These ads will contain your brand logo, some products, and custom headline and will appear in the search results of the Amazon marketplace.

3. Product Display ads

Also commonly known as Sponsored Display Ads and contain your desired products. These ads will appear on the search results, Amazon home page, product feed, and also on third-party applications such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Sellers can use these ads directly through their seller central account.

2. Amazon Advertising Platform

Promote ad campaigns on Amazon as well as off Amazon

Amazon PPC campaigns are totally worth it for your Amazon store. Using effective marketing strategies, you can increase the traffic to your product and your sales in no time.

Amazon Demand-Side Platform(DSP)

Using DSP, advertisers can easily reach Amazon shoppers across the web, mobile apps, or on the Amazon site itself.
Standard sizes for display on Amazon and other websites are included in the DSP.
Full-screen interstitial ads can be displayed on mobiles along with in-stream and out-stream videos.

3. Promote Discounts & Giveaways

Harness the power of online marketing with promotional tools

Promote Discounts & Giveaways

Post a product with a reduced price for a limited time to attract buyers. Use the following promotion ideas:

Free shipping Social media promo codes Buy one get one (Bogo) Giveaways Amazon lightning deals Coupons

4. External Marketing

Use social media and external platforms to your advantage

External Marketing

Reach out to potential customers globally by marketing your products using the following external platforms:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Google Adwords Newsletters Feature product coupons on deal sites Influencer marketing via blogging


Test these Amazon marketing strategies to find out what works for your store, and what doesn’t. Or better yet, opt for Amazon store optimization services.

Leave it to the professionals!

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