Top Resorts in Bangalore for Team Outings


In this article, you can find some of the interesting places or the resorts in Bangalore especially for the team outing. So check out some of them and make sure to pick one and go as a best weekend enjoyment. 

Some amazing resorts of Bangalore

Mugabe Sports Resort

Mugabe sports resort is a perfect place for the team outings because it will increase the efficiency of the team work by engaging in various activities. This resort has many activities like Meltdown, which has two poles fixed to the stand that rotates and people need to escape from those poles from hitting. There is also a human gyro, on which you and your team members can sit and that will rotate in all the different directions giving the adventurous nature of it.


There is archery, human foosball,  where you will be replacing the foosball by standing inside the cabin. Apart from these, there is air hockey, Bungee basketball,  soapy football, Jumbo Hammock, cricket and many more unique activities that will boost your team members. So do visit Mugabe resort for such amazing activities. 

Shilhaandara Resort for team outings 

The entrance of this resort resembles its name in fact the whole resort is an example of its name called Shilhaandara, which is a rock themed resort. The entrance is carved from the rocks that have the beautiful engraving of Lord Vinayaka. As soon as you enter into the resort you will find steps that are again made up of the rocks and the top of it has the creepers that provides the shadow for the people entering the resort.

Best time to visit

If you choose to go in the afternoon, your first choice would be to have a nice dinner along with your office team and it provides a nice buffet for all with some delicious food. Then you can do activities like cycling on the hill, quad bike ride, ziplining, rain dance with DJ music, cricket with the team members, billiards, paintball, fish spa, cult fit dance etc. So the range of activities will surely attract you to visit this place in Bangalore. 

Gold Coin Resort 

The Gold Coin Resort is located in the green environs of the Bangalore city that is joyously known for serving the visitors professionally. The check-in time for the Gold Coin Resort is at around 9am and the checkout time is at around 6pm. This is located in Bangalore city in Anekallu. They provide a good meal in the afternoon like the whole buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, evening tea with snacks along with mocktail drinks. You can also do some interesting activities after lunch like the swimming pool activity along with some adventure sports. 

Nature Adventure Camping and Resort 

This resort of Nature Adventure is located just 60 kilometers away from Bangalore city. It is a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure and here you along with team members can plan an outing for a camping as well as venturing in activities.


This resort provides for day outing, night camping and stay near a privately owned lake. It is a perfect camping place as it is bordered by Hosadoddi lake, which is again surrounded by the green lush Bananthimari Forest Area, which is a government protected one. The day outing timing can be from 9am to 7pm and the cost per person can vary based on the team package. Since it also has a tent accommodation, you can also enjoy a perfect night stay. So enjoy the resort for the best team building activity. 

Discovery Village Resort 

Team outing at Discovery Village Resort will surely be a holiday for all the team members from the daily mundane office work. This is 75 kilometers away from the Bangalore city and very near to the Nandhi Hills of Karnataka. It has very nice cozy rooms for a perfect weekend for all the team mates. And it has some best activities like the venturing in the swimming pool, billiards, gymnasiums, etc that will build the team.

There is a very big lawn for the members to play and enjoy the activities like cricket, cycling, volleyball etc so that you can come out of the office work and also the metro life of Bangalore city. So make sure to visit this place along with your team members for an outing in Bangalore. 

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