Ukraine News – A Country In Transition

If you live in Ukraine you’re probably used to the political situation. But you might not know what’s happening outside your city. Here’s some Ukraine News stories that might interest you. The latest developments in the Crimea crisis. The protests against the government in Kiev. And the civil war that’s happening between the two sides in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine News – There’s no question that the Ukraine has gone through a tumultuous time. At the same time, it has emerged from its history as a divided nation. As a country in transition. A land of contrasts and paradoxes. But there is no question that, over the last year, the Ukrainian people have begun to put the past behind them. 

Russia Ukraine News: War With Russia Is A Possibility

The Russian Army has moved troops to Crimea. The Russians claim it’s a precautionary measure. The Americans say it’s a provocation. The Ukrainians say they’re just being paranoid. But this all seems awfully suspicious. The Russians had been building up their military in Crimea for months now. It looks like they’re preparing for a conflict.

Russia Ukraine News – The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for almost 2 years now. So, what’s next? Well, the only way out is a diplomatic one. Russia wants all the land back that was annexed by Ukraine in the early 90s. Ukraine says that’s impossible. They’re right. There’s nothing in the world that can give Russia back that territory. But there is something that can help keep the peace: Russia has nuclear weapons. Ukraine doesn’t. And since Russia has nuclear weapons, that means Ukraine is at a strategic disadvantage.

Most Popular Headlines From News Ukraine Today 

The most popular headlines from News Ukraine are listed below here:

  • The Ukrainian government has sent troops to fight separatists in the east.
  • The leader of the opposition party announced he wants a vote of no confidence against President Yanukovych.
  • The opposition called a strike. 
  • And the EU said it will freeze Ukraine’s aid. 

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Latest News On Ukraine 

The latest News On Ukraine is that Russia’s military is moving into the east of Ukraine, and its soldiers are occupying government buildings. A cease fire has been declared between the two countries. Ukraine has been in turmoil for months. There’s been fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists. And now the situation has escalated into a full-scale war. The fighting started when separatists shot down a military plane. 

As of now, Russia has been bombing the Ukraine. There are reports that Russian troops are moving into Ukraine. 


The Latest Ukraine News Ukraine has fired back at Russia after its forces invaded parts of eastern Ukraine earlier today. They also shot down a Russian warplane that had flown over their own territory. And they took some artillery fire. And they said they’re prepared to take it on all sides.