Unable to Access Netgear Router: Fixed

Many of the Netgear router users complain about not being able to access the Netgear router at times. This is a very common situation among Netgear router users. If you are also facing a similar situation, then this guide is definitely for you. Keep reading further to know the possible causes that are preventing you from accessing your router. You will also find the relevant solutions to the problem. Unable to access the Netgear router implies not being able to access its settings. Let us see how you can do this by using the web address

Why Can’t I Access My Router?

There are plenty of reasons due to which you cannot access your Netgear router. It can be because of:

  • Incorrect web address
  • Minor technical glitches
  • Wrong router login credentials
  • Cache accumulated in the web browser
  • Obsolete firmware
  • Hardware related issues
  • Inadequate power supply
  • Poor internet signal

These are some of the common reasons that led to the Netgear router inaccessibility issue. However, the list may be increased by several other unknown reasons.

Before getting into the actual troubleshooting, here are some checkpoints that you need to verify.

Checkpoints Before Troubleshooting

  • Check Login Address

Using the wrong router login address will take you to some other web page and not the one that you want to land on to. Also, if you make any spelling errosr while typing the web address, you may either end up on a different page or you may be welcomed by an error message. Be very sure that you are using the correct web address which is, to access the router login page.

  • Verify Login Credentials

After making sure that you are using the correct web address, check the login credentials that you are entering to log in. Even a minor typing error may stop you from accessing the router. Thus, type the correct username and password carefully as they are case-sensitive. Check that the Caps Lock key on the keyboard is not enabled.

Note: If you do not remember your Netgear router login password, then you can recover it by using the Password Recovery feature. However, this is valid only if you have enabled the Password recovery feature in your router’s settings.

  • Use Alternate Way to Login

Try to connect your Netgear router to the modem using an alternative method. If there is a wireless connection in place, then go for a wired connection using the Ethernet cable. However, if there is a wired connection in place, then opt for a wireless connection. This will help your Netgear router get a better network from the modem and fix any technical issue with the connectivity.

  • Try Different Device

Use some other device to access the router web interface. This will help you know if the issue persists with the accessing device and not the router. Use another computer or laptop or smart phone rather than the one on which you had been trying to access the router interface till now.

  • Use a Different Browser

You tried accessing the router login on a variable device, similarly, try using another web browser to access the router. The possibility is that there is some issue with the web browser which is not letting you get through the login process. Alternatively, clear the browser cache and browsing history or simply update the web browser before attempting the Netgear router login.

Actual Troubleshooting Hacks

Let us now get the Netgear router inaccessibility fixed by following these troubleshooting hacks:

Hack 1: Power Cycle the Router

Get down to troubleshooting by power cycling your router. Here is how you do this:

  1. Power off the Netgear router.
  2. Remove all the cables connecting to it.
  3. Wait for some time.
  4. Reconnect all the cables as earlier.
  5. Power on the router.

This will reboot your device. This entire process removes any minor technical hitches with the router. Try accessing the router login page now.

Note: If you find any cable or power socket damaged while you were performing the above step, get it replaced immediately.

Hack 2: Reset the Netgear Router

If you find that the above hack did not fix the issue, then go ahead and reset your Netgear router. The default factory settings will be restored after resetting. To reset, do this:

  1. Locate the Reset button on your Netgear router.
  2. Press it.

Reset is completed with these steps. Reconfigure your device again to begin accessing its network. This will definitely help to fix the problem of router login inaccessibility.

Wrap Up

Finally, in order to avoid further occurrences of any such issues, it is recommended to keep the firmware on the router updated to the latest version. This takes care of possible vulnerabilities on your device. By simply doing Netgear router firmware update, you can improve the overall performance of the Netgear router.