What is a Road Legal Quad Bike?

Are you wondering why ATV quads are held in such high esteem these days? This is because common off-road quads now have a street-legal version. Since 4-wheelers are known for handling the most impassable terrain, quad bikes were made street legal to enjoy its impressive features on public highways as well. Read on to learn more about road legal quad bikes.

What are they

Street-legal quads are typically seat-equipped vehicles that ride on low-pressure tires with steering control provided by handlebars. They ride like normal motorcycles but have two extra wheels that provide more stability even at low speeds. These are actually types of ATV quads that are designed to handle a wide variety of terrains and are street legal.

Where were they born?

The 4-wheeled road legal quad bike safari dubai evolved from the 3-wheeled bikes used in agriculture. These vehicles caught the interest of the people and manufacturers updated the operation of the vehicles and started making general purpose quad bikes in the late 1980s. Market interest continued to grow in the 90s and manufacturers from China and Japan began exporting ATVs to various countries.

What are the types of road legal quads?

There are several types of street legal quads. Models are categorized into sport racing types, automatic quads, and mini quads for kids. But generally, these road legal dirt bikes have engines ranging from 50cc quads to 950cc with 650cc H1, 951cc H2 and 700cc H1 engines. Some road-legal quads are produced without a sway bar and instead feature 4-stroke engines with independent suspension on all wheels. There are also several automatic models that no longer require changing gears with every move. Quads for small children are also being produced now.

How much did they cost?

Prices are relative to the features the quad is equipped with. Apparently, the more features a street legal quad has, the more expensive it will be. Of course, brand name and reputation also contribute to prices. A baseline bike can start at $1,000, but a decent street legal quad bike up to $5,000 or more. It really comes down to how many extra ‘bells and whistles’ you want. When buying one, consider the deals and sales offered by most stores so that you can buy your quad bike at a more reasonable price.

When buying a road legal quad bike make sure to gather as much information as possible and read plenty of reviews.For more information on street legal quads, check out Quad Bike Rental

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