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Why Android is more popular in England? An analysis by expert cellphone repair in London ON

Do you know there are around 2.5 billion android users in the world? Yes, this figure seems to grow even more as android phones gain more popularity among the masses.

 So, what has changed? Well, android phones are budget-friendly and can be repaired at the lowest rates possible at any store. For instance, a cellphone repair in London ON for android has a nominal price than for iPhone.

 One of the biggest factors in gained popularity of android phones is the eye-catchy design, colors, large display screen, and fast processor. You’ll feel the urge to buy a more cost-effective phone with great flexibility and customization.

Why is Cellphone repair in London ON cheaper for android phones?

Today, smartphones are adding more features to make the user experience smooth and robust. Not only in terms of specs and features but repairing android phones are more pocket-friendly than iPhones.

Would you not wish to spend more money after buying an expensive phone?

There are no second thoughts that engineers and technicians work tirelessly to provide everything you expect from a smartphone.

However, your phone can be broken, or you might face bugs or slow performance issues over time. And for that, you might either find yourself replacing it or repairing it. Repairing can be a viable option for you as phone repair in London ON can be cheaper than getting a new one.

Repairable charging port: Android vs. Iphone

Andriod phones allow you to enjoy a fast charging experience with USB type-c charging ports. Compared to which iPhone charges fast, having a wire means buying another 29-watt or higher power brick plus a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. 

Repairing these ports can be more costly than Type-c ports. A Cellphone repair company will ensure to provide consumers with a stress-free environment to experience cellphone and tablets repaired more efficiently.

Capture the moment: is Android a better camera phone?

Hands down to the result experience iphone provide to its customers. However, with Android, there is still room for photo specialist improvements. Smartphone cameras have evolved over the years, and users expect more for the latest handsets, but repairing such phone cameras can be a nightmare for you.

Phone repairing in London ON offers such great fixtures for broken camera phones that you’ll be astonished to see the results. For better quality and exact replacement, step into the nearest phone repair store in London ON.

Cheap headphone jack repair

Andriod users thoroughly enjoy the liberty of a 3.5mm headphone jack, whereas iphone users barely get a glimpse of it. Iphone users need to have a dongle to connect via Bluetooth or the company’s proprietary Lightning connector to enjoy music on the go.

Not only headphone jacks but iphone screens can be costly. A phone repair store can ask for a good amount of money to fix a broken screen. The cost of an iphone screen repair in London ON is much higher than compared to other phones. Android units and components are available at cheaper rates.

Battery life span: iOS vs. Andriod, which is better?

The primary concern of any smartphone user is battery life. You might be someone with phone usage for 9 hours or more. It all comes down to the number of hours you spend on your smartphones. 

There is no shame in admitting that you are personal and professional to manage on your smartphones. Smartphones have more to offer than what it was back in the day. Smartphones are costly to ensure they have beneficial features for you and are paying you to do a bit of research. Moreover, consider repair charges options too, as you might need a good cell phone repair in the city of London ON to fix the issues.

IPhone has more powerful, long-lasting batteries than Android devices. You cannot have external memory cards on Iphone, but you can on android phones. You can also get battery replacement options on the Andriod device. With a reputable cellphone repair company’s assistance, you can get rid of old batteries with new genuine ones resulting in charging for less time.

Please consult the FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) section below for more information.

What makes Android so popular among its peers?

Many manufacturers use Andriod as the OS of smartphones compared to iOS, which is only restricted to phones and i-pads.

Who sells more Android or apple?

With a growing number of Apple users worldwide, apple takes the slight lead over Android and is the more sold product.

Is it worth switching from Apple to Android?

No matter what, Google does win the race by having more apps and services on devices. However, Apple is led when it comes to fragmentation. Iphone is getting the latest software updates more rapidly compared to the Android.

Why is Android the most popular operating system in the world?

 Android provides a more user-friendly experience to users, thus making it more popular among device manufacturers.


Whether you buy an android or iphone, you must remember which one is best suited for you. If you spend more time on a smartphone than any other gadget, ensure it has good battery life and features. 

Also, it would be best if you did not neglect the after-effects of buying a costly phone with customized options and pricey repair charges. 

Bring value to your eco-system, switch to the repair phones option, and look out for the best solutions providers for cellphone repair in the city of London ON today!