Why Your Dissertation Proposal Is More Important Than You Might Think

So, you have completed all your PhD coursework and are about to start working on your research phase of the degree. Good to hear that you are finally approaching the end of the academic rope. However, before you end this journey, there is a very important document that you need to craft well. The name of that document is the dissertation proposal. Often termed a research proposal, this document might be more important than you think.

So, what is a dissertation or research proposal? Why is it an important document in the academic life of a PhD student? How to craft in a perfect manner? All these questions must be circulating in your mind. Do not think a lot because today’s whole discussion is about answering these questions. So, let’s get started with the following question.

What is a dissertation or research proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a scholarly document that proposes a particular research topic or project. This document is written mostly in academia, especially in the fields of science and engineering. It describes what you intend to research, why it is important to research the issue, and how you are going to do that. A typical proposal addresses a range of points. However, a brief description of some of the points is as follows:

  • It addresses the research problem background and sets the direction of the research
  • Sets the research questions that research on the proposed topic is going to answer
  • The data collection and analysis methods that will be used to answer the questions
  • Timeline and budgetary requirements of the research project

Why is it important to craft a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal is an important document that sets the direction of your research. However, many students underestimate the importance of this document and do not pay the proper attention that it requires. Due to this, they face failure in securing funding or approval. However, a brief description of the points highlighting its importance is as follows:

1. Creates a roadmap for your research project

A research proposal creates a roadmap for your research project and sets the direction of the project. It helps you know what your research project is and what type of literature you have to collect in order to answer all the research questions. Explaining the key concepts allows you to create a roadmap for your intended project.

2. Justifies the need for the research

Another point that highlights the importance of a research proposal in dissertation writing is that it justifies the need for the research project. When you craft the significance section of your proposal, you tell the audience or the research committee that this research project needs to be conducted. You give the background of the problem and a snapshot of its past effects on society or humanity. Therefore, it is important to craft a good dissertation proposal. Still you have option to hire the best dissertation proposal writing services if you are facing any issues.

3. Convinces the research committee or funding agency

Do you know that you cannot start working on research unless your topic or your project is not approved by the university’s research committee? Yes, it is right that first, you need to seek their approval. In addition to this, sometimes, you need to apply for funding from a funding agency to sponsor your research project. So, a well-crafted research proposal allows you to convince both to approve your project and fund it.

4. Helps you make an estimate of the resources required

To carry out a research project, lots of resources are required. For example, the lab equipment, the chemicals, and other things that are necessary for the project. So, what is its relation to the dissertation proposal? A dissertation proposal lets you make an estimate of all the resources required ahead of time. It tells you what things you will need to carry out the research and how much they will cost. So, it is important to craft a research proposal to have this estimate.

5. Keeps you focused on the project

Once approved, you cannot amend your proposal without the consent of your research supervisor or teacher. You have to stick to the discussed plan until any change is made by the professor. So, this keeps you focused on the project and does not let you get off track from the original research plan. This indirectly makes research proposal writing more important than you think.

How to craft a convincing dissertation proposal? A guide for fresh writers.

After reading the detailed discussion on the importance of the research proposal above, you must be thinking about how to craft this document. Due to this, this section is about letting you know how to craft a convincing proposal. Hence, a brief list of the tips is as follows:

  • To write an effective and convincing, the first tip is to follow all the instructions provided by your teacher. Those instructions include the word count required, the format of the proposal, and other style requirements.
  • Breaking down your dissertation proposal into several sub-sections and sub-components is very helpful. So, apply divide and rule principle and plan accordingly.
  • The third tip tells you to craft an impactful and effective introduction to the research problem. Your introduction must give a snapshot of the background of the issue and its importance. The definition of the key concepts should also be a part of this section.
  • Thorough research holds much importance in writing an effective proposal. It is the research that helps you identify the research gaps and draft your proposal on those gaps. So, conduct proper research on the subject area.
  • Lastly, do not forget to craft a compelling and descriptive methodology section. Describe each method you intend to use for your research project and explain why is that particular method appropriate.


Conclusively, the importance of a dissertation proposal is much more than you think. The 5-point importance discussed above is proof of this that research proposal is a matter of life and death for students. Without the approval of the project, a student cannot start research and ultimately cannot obtain a degree. Therefore, keep the tips mentioned above in mind and craft your proposal based on those tips.