Window Treatment Ideas – 16 Ways with Curtains, Blinds, and Shutters for Every Room

Window coverings not only help to control the number of UV rays and sunshine that enter your house, but they also protect your floors, walls, and furnishings. Constant sunshine exposure may degrade the wood floors, furniture, and paint.

Many window coverings give you complete control over how much light enters your house. There are no official rules for window treatment. You can pick any style and design for a room to enhance the space and decor.

Curtains, blinds, and shutters are examples of window coverings and treatments. When curtains and blinds are formed in pairs together, these two bring the flexibility and decor of the room. That can also block light and provide privacy. You can also combine curtains with shutters. They also look great in the living room.

Window treatment ideas in these 16 Ways

There are some styles and ways to follow and get your space right and fantastic. You can pick the following window treatment ideas in 16 ways: curtains, blinds, and shutters for every room.

1. Set A Patterned Blind With Wallpapers 

White blinds have a versatile design. They are easy to match, and you can try out blinds with different colorful wallpaper. Match blinds with your home’s wallpaper. It can enhance the attractive look of your space.

2. Hang A Roman Blind In the Bathroom

A roman blind looks pretty when it comes to the window treatment. Roman blinds will add softness and character to the bathroom. Roman blinds are the best to add in small, frequently used, and steamy bathrooms.

3. Pick Light Shades Curtains For Light Color Room

Light-colored curtains are ideal for rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight since they are fadeless. Dark colors fade more quickly. The white or light color is more likely to reflect the sun’s rays, making rooms cool in the summer.

4. Choose Light Color Curtains With Dark Blinds

A combination of light-colored curtains with dark blinds gives a clever look to your room. Light-colored curtains with dark blinds are best for a room.

5. Pick Curtain As Decorative Background

You can pick designed and decorative patterns. It looks like the background of your room. Decorative and designed patterns are more significant because they create maximalist statements for your room.

6. Choose A Bold Layered Curtains 

Layered curtains have many benefits. It is an easy decorative hack that adds depth and colors to your window and also enhances the beauty and space of your window.

7. Choose Lengthy Curtains 

For the window treatment, lengthy curtains are better. Long, lengthy curtains extend your window and make your room feel taller. In particular, when the curtain hung higher than the window frame, it provided a better aesthetic.

8. Pick Botanical Prints 

Live up to your space with botanical prints on blinds. Botanical prints give your room a much-needed dose of nature. You can adorn your walls and make them colorful to the fullest with these prints. The chief advantage of picking botanical prints is that you can increase your artistic power.

9. Layer Your Window With Valance To Create Declaration

One of the best functions of valence curtains is that they cover curtain rods, hardware, or anything on the top of the window that you want to hide. Valence Curtains are an important part of window treatment. It is a decorative element.

10. Get The Right Color

Every color has its own specialty. But for window treatment, it’s important to choose the right color. Before the installation of curtains, blinds, and shutters, consider which color is suitable for your room. Choosing an elite color for your window treatment can make the space larger and brighter. Dark colors on small windows make your room feel smaller or more congested.

11. Choose Mix Bold Colors For Window 

The window is the supreme feature. Consider which way is perfect for window treatment. You can choose a mix of bold colors for your blinds to enhance your space. A stone blue shade can give a warm look to your interior.

12. Hang Double Panel Blinds In Your Room

You can hang double-panel blinds in your room. It also enhances the look of your space. The double panel creates a softening effect.

13. Block Out The Light Entrance With Blackout Blinds

Blackout fabric gives you proper privacy and blackout light. Using blackout fabric for blinds is mind-blowing. Blackout blinds to block light, making them one of the best ways to keep the room cool.

14. Use A Rushed Blind

To keep the soft and glamorous look of your room, ruffled blinds are the perfect option. Ruled blinds are the perfect option for tightening the space and other high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

15. Try To Balance With Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds remain in style. It is also popular in this time period for many reasons. Actually, Venetian blinds that come in horizontal slats make the room attractive.

16. Choose Decorative Roman Blinds To Add Decor In The Room

You can also install blinds in the room to add depth and decor. Roman blinds also come in sheer, unique patterns and decorative forms. These blinds look fantastic in any room. Roman looks gorgeous in any room. These blinds have outstanding properties that make them ideal for any room.


After reading all the window treatment ideas now, you can do it by yourself easily with no problem. I have told you about different methods to enhance the space in your room. You can try these ideas in every room. Hopefully, you understand all the techniques of window treatment with different types and colors of curtains, blinds, and shutters.