You Need to Know About Amazing Charts Review

Amazing Charts is an app designed by a physician who wanted to make charting as easy and as fast as possible. He also wanted to keep the cost as low as possible. Amazing Charts has a free version and a paid version that includes integrations with many other software applications. Both have a free trial available so you can try the app out before you purchase it.


The user interface of Amazing Charts is clean and simple. Its one-page graphs are a big draw for many users. Its affordability and ease of use have also been praised by users. However, some users have complained about its interface glitches and update problems. These issues may affect the user’s experience of the software.

Another key feature of Amazing Charts is its e-prescribing functionality. The tool makes it easy to generate new prescriptions in a click of a button. This feature allows physicians to reduce the time spent manually entering prescription details. The app also provides options for adjusting visit durations and rescheduling appointments.

The Amazing Charts EHR comes with an impressive list of features that allow users to make effective use of the system. The app is flexible enough to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. It also offers device-agnostic access. Users can log in from anywhere and view their patients’ records. It also comes with hundreds of useful clinical templates.

Amazing Charts’s comprehensive reporting capabilities make it a great choice for medical practices of any size. Not only does it allow physicians to run various reports, but it also allows them to perform complex database queries. Physicians can enter as many criteria as they want and even store multiple criteria to optimize patient management.


If you’re in need of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for your medical practice, Amazing Charts is a great solution. This solution offers a variety of features and is easy to use. It also helps you set appointments with your patients. All you need to do is input the patient’s information into the schedule window and you’re all set. Then, you can choose to book an appointment or search for available time slots for the patient. Other features include the ability to override the duration of the visit, edit and move it, and verify the appointment.

The pricing for Amazing Charts varies by feature, but the basic package costs $199 per month. If you’re looking for an EHR that works with voice recognition, you can pay a little more. You can also find a free trial for the basic version. Amazing Charts is also available for smaller practices.

Amazing Charts also offers an import tool to help you import data from other systems. You can try out the software’s import tool before purchasing a license. This feature enables you to test out all of the features. This tool also offers integration with many third-party interfaces, such as state immunization registry.

Pricing for Amazing Charts is competitive with the industry average. The cost includes customization, data migration, and training. It also covers hardware, maintenance, and upgrades. Although the software has a free trial, the software is not free.


Amazing Charts is a popular EHR/EMR solution for independent practices. It is a modern EHR solution that has received high marks in usability, pricing, and overall user satisfaction. The company has sold thousands of units to a variety of practices. The company categorizes its customers into two main segments: Hospital & Health Care and Medical Practice. The vast majority of its customers are small to medium-sized practices.

Amazing Charts is a comprehensive electronic health record system that allows medical professionals to fully document all medical encounters. The system is ONC-ATCB certified for Meaningful Use and is eligible for Federal incentives. It is easy to use and offers multiple customer reviews. It is also affordable and provides many integrations with document management systems and medical devices.

Another feature of Amazing Charts is its easy data migration from other systems. It is available in both Windows and Mac operating systems. The software has a trial version that allows users to import data from other systems and test all the functionality. This is a great feature for small businesses that don’t have enough staff to train every employee on the new software.

Using bar and line charts is the most popular chart type. They make it easy to recognize the difference between two values. Bar and line charts are often paired and can display two different data series side-by-side.


Amazing Charts integrations are available for both desktop and web applications. Its pricing plan begins at $ 39 per user, per month. However, pricing can vary greatly depending on developer options, the number of users, additional features, and bundles. For more information on pricing, please visit the Amazing Charts website.

Amazing Charts is a physician-developed electronic health record solution that works as a medical record, patient management system, and practice management solution. It allows doctors to quickly and efficiently document medical encounters and provides a simple and affordable solution for independent practices. It includes pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop mechanism that enables doctors to work from anywhere.

The Amazing Charts EHR uses the ScritpWriter e-prescribing system. This allows doctors to quickly generate a new prescription without wasting time entering it manually. Users can also share and synchronize files through the system. The software also supports CCHIT certification. Users can download the software from the Amazing Charts website.

Amazing Charts is certified to meet Meaningful Use and HIPAA standards. As an EHR system, it offers the most accurate picture of patient health and reduces redundancy by facilitating billing and scheduling. Moreover, it helps improve the patient’s overall experience and encourages repeat business.

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Customer reviews

The founder of Amazing Charts was a physician and intended to provide the easiest way to chart patient data with the fewest clicks. In addition, he kept the price reasonable for clinicians. The result is a medical charting solution that’s affordable, easy to use, and has received a very high 5-star rating from customers.

The company offers electronic health record software that includes scheduling, e-prescribing, interoffice messaging, and charting. Their comprehensive portfolio of solutions serves providers from a wide variety of specialties. In 2017, Amazing Charts was acquired by Harris Healthcare, a large provider of ambulatory care solutions. They now offer a range of solutions to help independent practices grow. Among them are electronic health records (EHR), Practice Management, Population Health, and Remote Care.

The software’s user-friendly design has made it one of the most popular products among independent medical practices in the US. It is also certified by Meaningful Use, which ensures that it meets modern compliance standards. Furthermore, the software supports e-prescribing, which allows physicians to electronically send and receive medication without any additional effort.

Amazing Charts EHR is a cloud-based EHR that offers features that are convenient for small practices. Features such as scheduling, coding, and billing are available for solo practitioners and small groups alike. It is also ONC-ATCB-certified for meaningful use. The software also includes patient scheduling, e-prescribing, and inbuilt templates.