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7 Social Media structures that Honor Freedom

The big tech social media structures like Twitter, FB, and YouTube are increasingly instituting AI shadow banning, censorship, banning, blockading, and canceling something, and everybody who dares to question their “reliable” narratives. They also increasingly collect and package user records on the market to advertisers and different 0.33 events.

So, many actively seek more user-friendly social media systems that honor the freedom of Speech and user privacy than the large brother tech giants do. Here are a dozen social media platforms that do simply that.

1 – FreeTalk45

free talk reviews is a social media platform run by OAN, One of the USA news communities. FreeTalk is also similar to the alternative free-speech options to Twitter or FB. It has a publish person restricted much like Twitter. FreeTalk 45 posts are limited to 260 characters; that’s a chunk too quick compared to different loose-speech structures. It also has pages, organizations, and occasions like Facebook. FreeTalk 45 can be used thru the website or Apple/Google app. The internet site presently appears to be a piece slower to respond than some of the other platforms.

2 – Gab

Gab is like an aggregate of Facebook and YouTube. The principal social media element is like FB and consists of organizations and chats. The included GabTV is just like YouTube and consists of channels and subscriptions of favorite content material. Gab additionally honors the liberty of Speech. They do have backed advertisements; however, they are not as intrusive as the ads on FB. Gab additionally has its targeted privacy browser to be named Dissenter, and they have constructed out their infrastructure, with a purpose to’t be canceled with the aid of enormous brother tech. Gab is most effectively accessed with the assistance of the internet site. They do now not have an app, so Apple/Google can’t censor or ban it.

3 – Minds

Minds are like FB with organizations, chats, and a crypto forex twist. It’s miles targeted to content producers who want to earn crypto from their posts. It has integrated crypto token pockets that can boost posts and ship or acquire reward tokens. Minds+ money owed can earn tokens for posting popular content material. Minds can be used through their website or Apple/Google app.

4 – CloutHub

CloutHub is like a combination of FB, Twitter, and YouTube. It has companies, meetings, motion pictures, and channels. Like Twitter, the posts only permit a constrained range of characters. CloutHub posts are restricted to 300 characters.


Parler is just like Twitter without political censoring. Parler posts, known as Parlays, have a miles better character restriction of a thousand characters. It could be used thru the website or the committed Parler app. The app may also have more censoring to live on the Apple/Google massive brother tech structures.

6 – Getty

Getty is the most recent free-speech social media platform run with the aid of Jason Miller, former Senior consultant to President Trump. They is similar to Twitter without censorship or man or woman restrictions, so it’s miles more like Parler than Twitter. Getty can be used via the website or Apple/Google app.

7 – MeWe

MeWe is just like Facebook, however, without censorship and privacy issues. They market themselves as anti-facebook. MeWe believes in the Freedom of Speech and honors consumer privacy.

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