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What are The Reasons to Opt for Knowlarity’s cloud call center?

What is a Cloud-Based Call Center?

The cloud call center is a robust communication technology that streamlines complex businesses. It ensures a seamless customer experience with very little investment. It offers an easy cloud platform for integration which gives deeper valuable insights into everyday customer conversations. The cloud-based call center is a technology that can handle large call volumes with it.

It is efficient in concurrent calls and easy campaign management. It supports both inbound and outbound calls. It makes communication easy which benefits businesses to reach more customers.

Reasons to Opt for Knowlarity’s Cloud-Based Call Center

Knowlarity is one of the best call center software in India provider. It has established itself as one of the best call center software in India providers with the features and services it offers. It helps businesses grow with little investment. The solution provider plays an important role in supporting a business with seamless communication. In a competitive market where technology is evolving every day, the solution provider guides and assists the business. Many reasons can be listed for a business to choose Knowlarity as a CCC provider.

1.Call routing and call recording:

All inbound and outbound calls are automatically recorded. It helps a business to generate and maintain a strong customer database. It can be used for comparative analysis and market research. It also allows all inbound calls to be transferred to agents or specific departments, as per the need of the customers.

The automated services offered makes work easier for the agents as it reduces manual work and gives more productive time. The automated routing feature ensures immediate and instant response without making the customers wait. With Knowlarity, there is no barrier to communication. It supports a business at every step.

2.Control over calls:

A business can offer a queue to customer calls with mute, hold, and warm transfer, queue call back, and voicemail features during the wait time. It makes communication interesting and engaging. Knowlarity can assist a business in customizing the music or greeting message that is customized in the local language or music. The wait time can also be used to share product or service-related information with the customers. It can be used as part of the marketing strategy.

3.Multi-channel platform:

Call center software can be more efficient with more visibility. A business can easily use Knowlarity’s multi-channel platform to offer better social visibility. It also helps a business to be more accessible to its customers. It aids in creating lead generations for a business.

4.Easy integration:

Knowlarity has been considered the best call center software in India provider because it allows easy integration. A business use any integrated solution for a better service provider. When integration is not allowed or supported in solutions, a business needs to use separate solutions for a few issues to be addressed. With easy integration, a single solution can become more resourceful. It offers efficient services and reduces costs.

5.24×7 support:

A business can always rely on Knowlarity for support at any given time of the day. It ensures the confidence of the business to offer uninterrupted quality service to the customers. It addresses grievances, tackles issues, and guides a business in all aspects. Knowlarity offers expert assistance to the business even while buying a solution. It assists the business in choosing the best solution and integration if needed.


Knowlarity offers customizable solutions and services to the business. The solutions can be customized as per the need of a business and budget. It offers a budget-friendly solution that benefits small businesses and startups.

7.Real-time insights:

Cloud call centers can offer real-time insights into every inbound and outbound call. This helps a business monitor agents’ performance and customer service delivery. Knowlarity offers deeper insights by identifying key performance factors that can be used for market research and analysis.

8.Enhance productivity and branding:

Knowlarity confirms a business establishes market branding with high-quality service delivery. It ensures more productivity that supports customer satisfaction. Knowlarity helps businesses of every size to make the best use of every solution. It assists in easy branding for both national and international markets. It also supports creating a satisfied customer base and easy lead generation.