Bluetooth Speakers: What are They and How to Choose?

Wireless speakers can be used with any gadget. They are comfortable and multifunctional. Some are portable, allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound anywhere. It is important to choose the right speakers for the right gadget and method of use. Some models have already managed to earn the trust and love of customers.


A Bluetooth music speaker is used for various purposes. It is good for home, walking, and outdoor recreation. This device allows you to enjoy the high-quality sound of your favorite music anywhere. 

Main advantages

  1. Using the speakers is simple, no need to use additional amplifiers;
  2. Versatility allows you to use the speaker with any gadget that supports a wireless speakers communication channel;
  3. Most of the models are compact and mobile;
  4. Autonomy – most Bluetooth speakers have built-in batteries;
  5. A large number of models at various prices.

Bluetooth speakers are not without flaws.

  1. The stationary system can operate from the network for any period. The portable speaker is limited in autonomy from a single battery charge.
  2. Quality models with clear and powerful sound are quite expensive.
  3. There are quite a few Hi-Fi and Hi-End speakers.

How does it work?

Bluetooth speakers pair with gadgets and play audio files from them. The scheme of work is quite simple and understandable. Of the interesting inside there is a Bluetooth module and a battery. The first is responsible for connecting wirelessly, and the second is for autonomy. Thanks to this, external speakers can be used without wires at all.

To connect the speaker to the gadget, both devices must have an active Bluetooth module. The equipment must be in close proximity. The signal extends to 15 meters, no more. The speakers and the gadget must have an active pairing mode in order to be recognized by each other.

View overview

Listening to high-quality audio files is possible using a Bluetooth speaker. It can be mobile, desktop, or floor. The last speaker system is considered stationary and is usually used in tandem with a laptop, computer, or TV. The most affordable options are usually portable and connected to smartphones. Table speakers can be combined with any gadgets and appliances.

Allocate built-in Bluetooth speakers. Such acoustics is installed in a predetermined place and is not transported. Usually becomes part of a home theater or music center system. It has a high cost and excellent sound quality. The system can be with a microphone, display, clock, color music, and other options.

Compact acoustics

The Bluetooth speaker can be used for movies, games, or listening to music. Compact acoustics is divided into types according to the number of playback channels.

  • Mono (0). There is one emitter in the case. Models can have pretty decent volume, but the sound is flat.
  • Stereo (0). Such speakers can be with two or more emitters. Even at low volumes, the sound is rich. To get a special quality, you need to experiment with the location in relation to the user.
  • Stereo (2.1). Such acoustics allows you to create even small Open Air. Systems withstand heavy loads and reproduce all frequencies with high quality and purity. Models are characterized by the soft and powerful bass.


If you want to choose the right wireless speakers for yourself. This guide will help you get all the information you require to get the one according to your requirement.