Comparison of studying abroad in Australia and New Zealand

We all know that New Zealand is a country with obvious advantages in studying abroad, so there are many students studying in New Zealand. However, there are many other popular countries for studying abroad, and many students often compare the two countries of Australia and New Zealand.

Similarities between Australia and New Zealand

1. Both Australia and New Zealand are listed in the “World’s Most Inhabitable Country”.

2. Australia and New Zealand are both countries with a very pleasant climate and a perfect high-welfare social system.

3. Both Australia and New Zealand have strict management laws, low unemployment and stable social development.

5. Both Australia and New Zealand are immigration countries.

6. Both Australia and New Zealand are British Commonwealth countries and are the study destination countries in the southern hemisphere.

Differences between Australia and New Zealand

1. Australia is the first country in the world to protect international students in the form of national legislation.

2. Eight of New Zealand’s universities are among the world’s top 500, and one of them is ranked in the world’s top 100.

3. About 21% of Australian universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world (8), and 67% are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.

4. For international students under the age of 18 in Australia, students must live in a Homestay arranged by the school, while New Zealand has no mandatory regulations.

5. New Zealand can apply for studying abroad from grade 1, while Australia can only apply from grade 7 (Australian junior high school).

6. International students who have studied in Australia for more than 2 years can apply for a 2-year work visa after graduation, while international students in New Zealand can apply for a 1-year work visa after completing a diploma or above course.

7. The cost of studying in New Zealand is 20% cheaper than that in Australia.

Advantages of studying in New Zealand

Compared with Australia, the overseas study in New Zealand has the following advantages:

  1. Trustworthy British education

New Zealand has followed the famous British education system and has world-class educational facilities, resources and teachers. New Zealand’s education is based on cultivating students’ creativity and innovation ability, and is well-known in the world for being practical, modern and in line with needs. The excellent academic level, high-level academic qualifications and degrees of New Zealand’s higher education have been highly praised and recognized by the world. 25% of its universities are ranked in the top 100 in the world, and many majors are also top in the world, such as: government management, biotechnology, medicine (forensics, dentists), marine engineering, environmental science, horticulture, fashion design, film and television production, etc.

  1. World-synchronized technology trends

New Zealanders have always been concerned about the latest developments in global technology. The country’s size and flexibility allow it to continuously and successfully apply the latest scientific research. This environment of progress with the world is of great value to students who wish to master new trends and technologies.

  1. Stimulate potential personality development

In New Zealand, students are encouraged to learn from each other and to think independently. Personalized education is carried out according to the characteristics of each student to promote mutual assistance between teachers and students. This way of teaching helps to open up students’ minds to new things and reach their full potential in career or otherwise.