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Different Causes of Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss problems are of many types; some are permanent, and some can be treated with counter treatments. Dermatologists do hair loss treatment in Jaipur for both males and females. Sometimes situations become very high due to causes, and doctors must do different surgeries and take precautions.

9 Main Reasons for Female Hair Loss

1. Genetic

Hair fall in women is a rare problem; if it occurs, the cause is genetic. It is the most common cause of hair loss in females. If your parents had hair loss, it might be a reason for you too.

2. Nutritional deficiency

Hair growth also depends on your daily diet because nutrients like iron, vitamin A & B12, magnesium and biotin also play the primary role in hair growth.

How to Treat nutrients deficiency for healthy hair

Iron: Many hair loss problems occur due to a lack of iron in the body; hence it causes hair breakage as nutrients fail to reach hair roots. To stop hair loss, you must eat iron-rich foods like meat, fish, fry fruits, soybean and leaf vegetables like spinach.

Protein: It also plays the primary role in stopping hair loss problems. If you build a higher protein rate in your body, then it will prevent your hair loss problem. Consume food like milk, cheese, soya products, beans, and pulses to avoid hair loss problems and boost your hair’s immunity.

Biotin: It reduces hair fall by improving the thickness of the hair shaft. An irregular diet(nutrients) will lead to split ends and dry, brittle hair.

Vitamin E: It is a vital vitamin for blood that plays the leading role in healthy hair and nourishing hair follicles. Lack of Vitamin E creates dry hair and dry scalp.

3. Stress

Stress is the most common problem in humans, which also causes hair loss problems. When your body feels stress, your hair follicles also enter the restings phase, the third phase of the hair growth cycle. To avoid hair loss problems in females, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle and give minimal stress to your body to prevent hair breakage.

4. Hair Diseases

It is also the reason for hair loss problems. Different diseases cause different hair loss problems in the female body. It is necessary to make a doctor’s appointment when you are suffering from hair diseases.
1. Thyroid diseases: It controls the body’s metabolism. Under and overactive problems will affect hair growth and make hair thin, spare, dry and brittle. If your thyroid becomes routine, then hair growth problems become normal.
2. Lucus: It causes inflammation of organ tissue that leads to hair fall up to 50%.
3. Tinea Capitis is a fungal infection that affects the scalp and usually seems in children. It creates white scaly flakes or large blisters on the scalp, causing hair to fall. It should be treated over time.

5. Hormonal Imbalance

It imbalance the normal functioning, growth and maintenance of your body. Oscillation in the level of progesterone and estrogen affects your hair follicles, leading to hair fall. When the body suffers from depression and melancholy, the hair also enters the resting phase, causing hair loss.

6. Excessive styling

Excess use of styling products, hair colouring, and heating hairs to look good causes hair loss problems. Extra use of chemical products causes hair breakage.
Use of heat-producing products like straighteners and curling rods dry out the moisture content from your hair and make them dry and brittle.
Colours and Dyes are the chemicals present in colour; dyes and bleaches directly react with your scalp and hair follicles, resulting in damaged hair roots.

7. Unhealthy scalp

An unhealthy scalp restricts hair growth and is responsible for hair loss. Skin conditions like dandruff, fungal infections, and psoriasis can also cause hair stands to fall.

8. Side-effects of drugs

Some medicines are healthy for the body but not for your hair. It changes the hair colour, texture or hair loss. Medications for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, birth control, blood pressure, and steroids cause hair loss problems in the male and female bodies.

9. Water

Water can also cause hair loss because drinking water might contain chemicals. At the same time, hair should be washed with hot water or freezing water.

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Female hair loss problem is standard in India. There are many diseases and external causes of hair loss shown above. Dermatologists and skin specialists solve these problems in Jaipur skincity with all precautions and technology.