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Specialized e-commerce consultant

Prepare for Advertising

Google is the most used search engine not only to search for information but also to decide what to buy. A well- structured ad can be invaluable in bringing research to your site and discovering your proposal.

Hence, a good use of advertising can convert potential users into final consumers.

In this sense, e-commerce consultancy also provides strategic support aimed at marketing. Especially against a specific budget allocated for advertising and promotion.

Thus, the difference will be the professional skills related to Data Intelligence that the consultant or web agency will be able to provide. Also in relation to the use of tools made available by technological partners such as Google, Facebook and other social platforms.

All the initiatives in the advertising field can therefore be aimed not only at increasing visits to the site, sales and subscriptions to the mailing list. But also, for example, contact telephone calls from future customers or a click-to-call button.

Google Analytics configuration

Google Analytics is a system for detecting and analyzing data relating to traffic. Accesses and user shopping experiences, which provide valuable information about the commercial activity.

Furthermore, after installing and configuring Google Analytics. You can download the appropriate Google Play Analytics app. In order to use the Analytics reports at any time and in any place.

Among the data provided by Google Analytics there are age. Gender and interests of users, and thanks to these you can create individual segments. Carry out A / B tests and design remarketing operations.

Google Analytics is a really great tool for understanding who your visitors really are. As a whole, therefore, it is an essential platform for anyone carrying out an e-commerce activity and for the optimal use of which it is important to rely on the hands of an expert.

Tracking Codes Implementation

The possibility of configuring the tracking of users with their specific characteristics and traffic activities allows to refine the knowledge of the users of an e-commerce site to the maximum.

A greater profiling of users can significantly contribute to knowing their habits, characteristics and contact points for any initiation of re-marketing. The methods of tracking and collecting Analytics data change depending on whether you want to monitor a website, an app or other types of device.

For an e-commerce, it is essential to implement all the tracking codes useful for analyzing a user’s purchase path. The implementation of these codes requires a strong knowledge of the subject and have programming bases.

Google Merchant configuration

Google Merchant Center is a tool designed to help Internet users explore, discover and purchase the products offered by e-commerce. With its detailed reporting tools and capabilities. It offers multiple ways to highlight the right products to the right customers.

Google Google Merchant, in fact, allows you to upload your product catalog in xml or text format on the Google search engine. Thus taking advantage of the Google Shopping product showcase.

Thanks to the Data Feed, which can be automatic or programmed. It is then possible to send constant updates from the sales platform to Google on items, stocks and changes in photos and product data sheets. In this way, the specifics of the e-commerce business will always be kept up to date practically in real time.


Carrying out an e-commerce activity in a performing and effective way means relying on specialized experts in the sector such as those of the secuserv team.

Only through a careful evaluation of the potential and a meticulous planning of all the support activities to the project by a specialized e-commerce consultant, as well as an adequate budget planning for advertising, is it possible to succeed to increase the sales and performance of their e-commerce site.

To conclude, we can say that only those who start on the right foot, identifying the e-commerce consultant best suited to their business needs, will be sure to go further than the others!