Here are 5 things about River Tables that you might not know

Typically, wood and epoxy resin are used in the construction of a River Table. Since they resemble rivers, these tables have been given that name. Each one is special and hand-crafted, taking considerable time. There are no quick cuts, and the high cost reflects the time and skill required to create them. Depending on the use, they can be as thick as a few inches and as thin as a few millimeters.

What’s with the odd name for River Tables?

These tables, manufactured from wood and epoxy resin, are appropriately named “River Tables” since they resemble a river running through them. The living edge of the wood is used to create the riverbanks, while the resin serves as the river itself in a river table. The resin can be tinted to mimic the natural environment’s mood or left clear for a more subtle impact.

A distinguishing feature of a Live-Edge table is its exposed, or “live,” edge.

This one and several like it are currently offered by resin river table manufacturers in Calgary.

The River Table is distinguished by its living edge, which is turned inward, and its gap between the left and right sides, which is sealed with epoxy resin or, more commonly, covered over with glass. Only the resin models will be discussed in this article.

Does anyone know how long it takes to construct a River Table?

Be patient, the delivery time for a River Table might vary from a few days to several weeks.

Since these items are not mass-produced, you won’t find them in most High Street stores; instead, you’ll have to seek them out in specialty boutiques.

Therefore, if you want to order a River Table, you should give yourself at least a few weeks’ worths of time. You already know that many stores on the high street take a similar approach to delivery, so it’s not as cumbersome as it would seem at first. Multi-week wait times are quoted even when dealing with their more popular, “mass-produced” items.

In addition to being mass-produced, many things are also manufactured to order. This is notably true for upholstered furniture, but it also applies to other types of furniture and tables. What would have seemed like an outrageous amount of time to wait for the production of your own, unique River Table now seems like a normal amount of time when compared to these standard lead times.

There isn’t a single predefined design for the RiverResin Table in Calgary. Each River Table is made from a single, unique piece of live-edge wood that has been handpicked to match the customer’s specifications.

There are five simple steps to building your own River Table.

Just like the amount of steps required to make everything else, there is no set number of steps required to create a brand new River Table.

So, for no particular reason, I’ve settled on a 5-step procedure:

  • Make a plan
  • Leave the Wood at rest
  • Creating the Functions
  • Resin Pouring
  • Sanding and Finishing

It’s possible that there will be fewer or more.