Housewarming Gift Baskets

If your loved one is moving homes, they may be packing up all their furniture and necessities. For a fresh start, they might be tossing out all the old clutter and hoards of unused objects. This may leave them with a desire to buy decorations and start anew. In order to help them with their situation, you can send them a thoughtful gift basket. They will certainly appreciate this gesture, as it will aid them in brightening up their new home! Depending on their interior design, you can select a wide variety of objects to fill up your gift basket in Toronto. Your friend or family member will remember this gesture forever. They will be reminded of you each time they walk past or lay eyes on one of the items in your gift basket, and will treasure your presence for a long while in the future.

Chances are, you know at least one person who has recently moved or will be moving soon. With a global pandemic in the works, many people have had to relocate. With remote work becoming an option, your loved ones may be currently renting or buying a house. Even from afar, you still love and care about your friends. To express your affection, you can send a gift from afar. You want your loved ones to have a house that feels like home, you know? But finding the perfect housewarming gift can be difficult. A bottle of wine might feel too basic, and you want a gift basket with the perfect mixture of thoughtfulness and creativity.

A great item to start with

may be a diffuser. If your friend is moving locations, they may want a new scent to grace their house. This is where you come in. A diffuser is the perfect solution, because you can add any essential oil to it and create the perfect, welcoming, cozy scent. Essential oils are also proven to be calm and soothing. Your friend can choose their favorite misting setting and a scent they enjoy, whether it is cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, patchouli rosemary, orange, eucalyptus, or another. They can even mix and match. A diffuser, depending on the build, is a sleek and elegant addition to any household. Guests and visitors will smell the sweetness of the house and be left with the lingering scent when they return home. Cherished memories will absolutely abound.

Some family members and friends are stubborn about not needing any presents. They refuse to give you any hints or ideas, and insist they do not want anything, especially gifts. While being respectful of their choice is pertinent, there is also a loophole to this. With a gift card, you are still showing them you care while showing them that you understand their boundaries. A gift card is the best option, because while it is not a set present in itself, it allows your friend to choose for themselves. A gift card to Amazon is particularly crucial in this situation. When your friend is setting up everything in their new house, they may find they want to replace a particular object or are missing something. On Amazon, you can find just about everything you need. Whether it is a spoon, a light fixture, or even furniture, your friend can choose whatever they desire. This loophole is so simple, and your friend will doubtlessly be appreciative that you made the initiative after all.

If your friend is open to gifts,

however, there are endless opportunities. A fun housewarming gift for your new homeowner friend could take the form of an accent mirror. If your friend is looking for a new style or aesthetic for their home, cute and funky objects are definitely the move. They will love this creative addition to their decor, and doubtlessly appreciate your consideration. An accent mirror can be painted, a cool shape, or a unique size. It can have a natural wooden grain effect, or even go in the direction of brushed brass. If your friend wants something more modern, sleek and neutral is also excellent. A mirror will also make your friend’s new home appear more spacious, which is always a good thing. An accent mirror is subtle and yet impressive. Your friend will put it up in an entryway or bedroom, and be eternally grateful for your vision!

Art prints would also be an inspired addition to your gift basket. Everyone loves art. It is also a stimulant for creativity, which your friend may greatly appreciate depending on their artistic abilities. Ranging from a soothing landscape with a soft sunset in the background, mountains with mist obscuring the peaked tops, and a city view with hundreds of sparkling lights within tall, sky-scraping buildings, you can choose whatever you believe will make your friend happiest. Art naturally produces emotion and joy within the viewer. It will brighten up any living space, from a wall in the kitchen to the bedroom.